The empty bed beside mine

September 4, 2011

Sister has just left to London. The bed beside mine would be empty for a month, for the very first time. She keeps reminding me to do something when she's not here.
"Ying, you must remember to call back home when I'm not here okay?"
"Ying, remember to eat the apples in the fridge."
"Ying, please remember to bring this back for mum & dad when you go home okay?"
"Ying, please do not forget to buy the train ticket to go back home on September okay?"
No I'm not sad. And I'm not thinking something negative like what I did before I departed to New Zealand. (something I posted in tumblr 1 day before I left Malaysia) I'm really happy for my sister to have the chance to go over to London to visit all the renowned places that we have been desiring to visit. She has always missed the chances to travel to these beautiful countries (work & travel programmes) when she was in university just because she doesn't like to waste my parents' money.
I wonder if she has reached London. Or what she's doing now. or how is she feeling at this moment.
One month later she'll come back with endless topics about whatever she experiences there to share, with dad and mum, with my brothers, with her friends, with her colleagues, with me. about the people. the places she visits. her works. her apartment. the food. One month later she'll come back with a lot more compared to yesterday. Seasoned by more experiences.

Please take as many photos as you can. Show me how beautiful London and Paris are. Please eat so many different types of food that you'll never have here. Please share more about your life in London, bring me there by words.

Please take good care of yourself.

Before we parted. I look like a walking zombie these days. thanks to the endless school works.

2 Love notes:

  1. ying, do more meaningful things when hwee not around, or back home more frequent, I guess by that time she back, both of you will be super different. grow to be a better 1 ^^


  2. @PC:
    haha im surprised u said that both of us will be super different when she's home! i think we wouldnt change much. after all it's just one month. and it's just like when i went to new zealand! haha. but yeah we both are growing into someone better (: i like that idea.



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