Why Do I Need To Understand?

September 28, 2011

I don't understand.
I really don't understand.
I want to know.
I want to understand.

Why do you need to do this?
Why don't you just do that?
Isn't everything easier if you do it that way?

"It would take a long time to understand that you don't need to understand."
Gabriel posted this as his facebook status.

It caused me to think a little.
I started asking myself, why do I need to understand? why do I want to understand?
It took me some time to realize I'm too attached to something when I want to understand too much about it.
A small part of me wants to change the thing.
I thought I just posted a post and said that I'm learning to detach, to see things as they are without trying to control them, to not worry whether the desired result follows from my action or not, so long as my motive is pure.

Sometimes I just need to remind myself about it again and again.

I respect Gabriel, though he's just my classmate, and we're same age. haha.
When we girls start talking or gossiping about the other people (girls like to guess about everything and anything about the other people, I realize. And we sort of assume what we guess is all true. This is so wrong.)
he'd say "Hey I think we should just stop guessing, because we won't know the truth anyway."

And I agreed. We don't know the truth anyway.
We don't know about people's past, and we will never know all of their untold stories and secrets, how can we try to judge people from what we know, what we assume?

...when we don't.

I haven't heard Gab saying about someone's bad thing, even when everyone is talking about it in a group, he'd just listen without commenting. Wise man. Haha. It makes me believe that he won't be saying anything bad behind our backs.

A good friend, he is.
That makes me want to do the same.

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