Simply Strawberries

March 31, 2012

I really like the thought of me living a healthy lifestyle. Yoga classes, dancing lessons, having salad as meals, and of course more veggies and fruits! Let's forget about sleeping early everyday though. haha. But I'm a lazy girl so I tend to go for something really quick and simple, I wish I had the patience to prepare proper meals at home myself. And I'd always be happier if the fruits or food are photogenic. I spent a good 15 minutes to photograph these strawberries and milk before I finally sent them into my stomach :) Maybe I should be a food photographer! People eat to live, I live to eat.

School has been going pretty well. It's the first time I really looked at the details and designs of all the clothes. I never really thought about what kind of techniques people use to produce this kind of pattern on my clothes, or which type of materials designers use to design outfits for different occasions, or what kind of fabric and designs are in trend now etc. The list goes on and on. Now we're required to study and analyse the current trend based on the latest fashion shows in New York, Milan, Paris and London. You all know that I'm a small town girl? I never knew how big these things are out there, didn't even know its existence. Better late than never. Thank God I happen to quite enjoy learning about it! (although I'm still constantly trying to figure out what's the real point of having all these rapid fashion changes and trends that millions of girls in the world are chasing over.) 

You can see some of my very rough sketches and studies on some basic clothing designs above. As usual my favourite class is drawing class! Now it's the very basic lessons of fashion illustrations, which I'm absolutely in love with! Just check out all these lovely illustrations, aren't they beautiful? it's my wish to be able to develop my own style of drawing like them! It's very different from fine arts drawing and portraits though. Oh and our final assessment wouldn't be just as simple as the past few times where we just needed to show all our sketchbooks and assignments, this time we will be having a fashion runway show with models (our friends perhaps) wearing our final garments! Both scaring and exciting. I hope my work would be alright!

By the way, 
I've finally updated my "About" page! 
I was sick few days ago and still couldn't fall asleep though I'd been on my bed hours ago. My mind was wandering around and I started thinking some facts about myself. Suddenly I had the urge to type them out on my blog, thus the quick update! I'd update them whenever I think of some interesting facts about myself. Check them out if you wanna know slightly more about me :) 

Flintstones-Style House

March 27, 2012

This house is so gorgeous that I just need to share them on my blog! This Flinstones inspired house belonged to the American producer/actor Dick Clark. This house is currently up for sale at $3.5 million dollars. It's located at Malibu, California. Why am I not rich :( haha.

A completely functioning cavemen kitchen.
They even have jacuzzi!
via honestlywtf 
Oh now my blog starts to be a little impersonal cuz this has nothing to do with me or my life, obviously, haha. but...things like this excite me! jaw dropping. Bow to the architect and interior designer of the home :)

Unusual Dinner at TWG Tea

March 24, 2012

We went to school in the morning for a short class and we were told that we'll be having an individual presentation soon, a lot more readings and preparation have to be done when we already have enough school works now. then another lecturer came in to show us our results for the previous term. I think we all did pretty well :) We already promised Gab to go to the Andy Warhol and Titanic exhibition earlier, so we did despite the fact that we were all a little stressed and frustrated thinking about the workload. And we all didn't regret going! I'd blog about the Andy Warhol & Titanic exhibition next time because I have so much to say about the Titanic exhibition! It's really good, made me really sad reading all the facts I didn't know about Titanic earlier.

All of us then were craving for nice and sweet food after the exhibitions so we decided to go and hunt them to satisfy our stomach. Why do I call it an 'unusual dinner'? Because all we ate was dessert. haha what do you expect from 4 little girls?! We all have a big sweet tooth. In the end we went to TWG Tea. Scroll down and look at the pictures and I'm sure you'd understand why we went there.

two of the good friends - Gabrille & Samantha! :)
Oh hi can you see me? haha.
with my Titanic boarding pass! :)

Sorry for the overloaded photographs of macarons but they're so gorgeous that I'd hate myself if I didn't bring my camera. haha. I just couldn't resist taking photographs if I see something photogenic. They don't look a lot but Sam couldn't even finish her chocolate fondant! It's absolutely true to me that food makes people happy.

That's all for now! I'm supposed to be working on my assignments but I really want to post these images up first! Hope you all enjoyed the visual food. haha.

Once a year, go someplace you've never been before.

March 22, 2012

This is a set of watercolour illustrations specially done for my project inspired by the poem - Destination by John Flanagan. The title itself has already reminded me about traveling, different places, different cultures, being away from home and so on. I'm very inspired by the quote from Dalai Lama,
 "Once a year, go someplace you've never been before".
 Thus I created a calender, hoping that it'll always remind the viewers to travel and visit
a new place at least once a year.

By the way, the illustration above was one of my very first watercolour illustrations I did last year, I think I was trying to follow one of Cate Parr's watercolour illustrations but apparently it didn't look like his at all. haha. This set of illustrations actually consists of both results that I'm proud of and not very happy with.
Anyway they're all a part of the journey. Here you go.

I'm not satisfied with these 2 illustrations :( If I had time I guess I'd have redone them before the assessment.
A3-sized yearly calendar
Some plannings, sketching, mind-mappings, experiments and visual references.
I also read about some stories about those countries/buildings so I could choose a suitable illustration 
to portray the mood.

Some people think I do so much watercolour illustrations because it's a must, but it is not. In Lasalle you're pretty much free to try any medium and ways you want. Among my classmates I'm one of the only few who did watercolour, some did acrylic paintings, some did digital imaging, some did pen drawing, Nerissa even did batik. Most of the time the lecturers only guide us, give suggestions and 'push' us to try, try, try, and try. They do not feed us and tell us what to do one step by another like secondary school anymore. We need to do a lot of researches and references from the internet, libraries, magazines in order to learn more. I like the fact that we're given the freedom to further explore on certain mediums that we're interested of! This set of illustrations is fine, but I believe I could have done better though. It's last minute work, as usual :(

p/s: I don't know why I always waste so much time on blogging! I always think "Oh let's just post the latest illustrations on your blog it'd be quick and you can do your homework later on!" and...? And I used up one and a half hour to edit the tone of the images, put them together, decide if it looks better with more space or not, horizontal or vertical, suddenly remember that I wanna show the pictures of my process, take pictures of them, put them together, edit the tone, adjust the size, and finally upload them, then use another half an hour to start typing, then another half an hour scrolling up and down reading the text and see if there's anything wrong, rearrange the images if I need etc etc. Oh boy.

On a side note,
I'm wondering if anyone will buy them if I try to sell 
the calender and my illustrations. Advice? Comments?
Will anyone actually support me :(

Take pleasure in small things

Something small in life that I'm grateful about,

1. Received an email from Behance (In case you haven't heard of it it's a platform for people all over the world to showcase their creative works, much like Flickr but in my opinion much more professional) that my typography project was just featured on! I used that website a lot to do research and reference while I was having my typography project!
Congratulations! One of your projects was just featured on and will appear on its front page. We developed our network of category-specific Served sites to further showcase the best projects on the Behance Network, offering your work even more exposure. Our editorial team features only a small number of projects every day. With many thousands to choose from, we look for work that promotes new thinking in its industry.
just realized I was wearing the skirt I bought when I was 13!
2. Good food, good company, good show! Wicked was awesomeeeeeee. Never thought that it'd be so entertaining and hilarious! Can't even imagine how they could sing and dance and act so well all at the same time but it's just impossible to do lip syncing (if you watched the way they talk you'd know what I mean) Words can never describe how much I like it. You really need to watch it to exactly know how wonderful it is. Some of the songs reminded me about certain moments in life and friends, I nearly cried. It's simply amazing. Watch it if you haven't before they leave to Korea, please please pleaseeee? :(

3. Now, thanks to my inability to reject people, I bought these chocolates simply because I didn't know how to say no to people. Anyway the mint chocolates are very nice, I should be happy instead. Hmm chocolateeee :)

4. Fashion drawing class started today (yay!) the lecturers hired some models in bikini for us to draw today. Initially I thought we would be having nude models and got so excited. Then the lecturers said for these 2 weeks the models would be, sadly, dressed. haha. Anyway drawing has always been my favorite class so I'm happy to start drawing again, moreover we'd be learning new techniques to draw fashion illustration soon!

Need to learn to focus on all the good things in life and always be appreciative, because we tend to let what we want make us forget what we have, which is bad bad bad. By the way, I've changed the playlist of my blog to these few songs of Yiruma cuz they're just very beautiful aren't they :)

Something to be looking forward to

March 20, 2012

Since last month my sister has been asking me when would I be free so we can go and watch Wicked, a musical but I hadn't got my new timetable yet so we've been postponing the plan. Now I've finally got my timetable and know which day I'll be free. We're quite lucky because last few days they were selling the $250 tickets at only $100 so we quickly grabbed them! It has been described as the best musical of the decade and won lots of major awards!
WICKED tells the untold story of the Witches of Oz. Long before Dorothy dropped in, two other girls meet in the Land of Oz. One, born with emerald green skin, is smart, fiery and misunderstood. The other is beautiful, ambitious and very popular. WICKED tells the story of how these two unlikely friends grow to become the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good.  
On a side note, we finally started our specialism lessons yesterday. After not waking up early for about 3 weeks it was such a pain in the ass for me to wake up early yesterday. For the past 3 years I had been holding my bulky masculine camera and now I'm holding a fabric scissor and sewing needle. haha. Glad that I don't feel bored doing it, cuz yes i'm learning something new again! Look, at least I'll be a good wife right? haha. Hopefully the upcoming project would be fine.

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