Dream House

August 30, 2012

This morning I woke up with these beautiful images, I can't help but to share them here. After attending an art school, I'm a lot more conscious with my liking, I always try to pay attention to what attracts and appeals to me, I want to know exactly what I like. Pinterest is an excellent tool for me to do so, I viewed all the photos I pinned and realised how much I like natural lighting. Born in a digital era, as a digital photographer, my favourite wedding photography is, in the contrary, a film and natural light shooter - Jose Villa (just google his images, you'll love them.)

During the first fashion drawing class 2 weeks ago, the lecturer asked us to draw our dream houses. Many want a house with big pools, jacuzzi, gigantic televisions, luxurious items, etc, I took a while to figure out the first thing I want in my dream house - a glass window wall, with mother nature surrounding the house, just like the last image. I'd have ample amount of natural light showering me everyday. When people ask if I will be staying in Singapore for a long term to work, I really hope not, there are too many buildings, people, cars, rules, technology, but too little space, too little nature, too little time.

How would your dream house look like?

On a side note, this is the 100th post of my blog! :)

{image one, two, three, four}

Saturday In School

August 26, 2012

Is anyone curious about how a fashion production studio looks like? I think some people might be interested to see the places where all the beautiful garments and designs are materialized and produced - though the school only has a small one, I decided to bring my camera together with me to school today. That's where I'd be spending most of my time this academic year. It could be pretty messy sometimes, lots and lots of fabric, calico and threads on the floor.

The pattern drafting tables is my favourite - huge, clean white table with great lighting, nothing beats that for a designer or artist. It's Saturday but it didn't feel like weekends at all. I stepped into the studio and was totally surprised by how many people were sacrificing their dear weekends for school works, for learning, for fashion.

Bad Things Happen, Accept It

August 17, 2012

You will not believe it, I could not believe it, it turned out that the cost that is needed to repair my MacBook is even more expensive than a brand new MacBook. Yes you're right - I might as well get a new MacBook because I never know if there'll still be any other problems after they fix it. I felt like I just threw the money down the drain, it was bought only one week ago. I don't like to feel like a spoiled brat, wasting parents' money all the time when I still couldn't earn mine :(

After I messaged dad about it, the next thing that my phone received was a message from mom,
"Please do not feel too sad over the laptop, as sometimes things just happen - out of our realm to control, alright?"

They always understand (or at least try to), and never blame me. Now, you have such loving parents and family, if that's not the best reason to be happy and content, I don't know what else is. I'm really really thankful about it.

Latest family portrait we took at home, I like how we love traveling & doing silly things together :)
By the way, my family doesn't only consist of only 6 members anymore, but 8! yay.

Things will get better soon, I believe.

Back to School, Again

August 16, 2012

My messy table right now, I took it right before I started typing.

It's 10.45am now and I'm sipping a cup of milk, blogging! Can't remember when was the last time I blogged in the morning. Yes school has started again, thus I'm trying to get back to the habit of sleeping early and wake up early.

Right before I came back to Singapore on Sunday, I had one of the most painful moments of my life - I opened the car door and saw the seat was flooded by water, together with my laptop bag, of course with my laptop in it. Why was that so painful - because it's a new computer. A MacBook Pro that I had been yearning and longing and craving, I finally bought it, and what happened next? It got flooded. I might need to pay the amount of a new laptop to get it repaired. I couldn't stop blaming myself that day, it's not even the first day of school yet. I'm glad I finally calmed myself and accepted that nothing I could do to rewind the time, I must focus on what I should and could do. I'd hate it if I allowed it to ruin my entire week. I hope I learned the lesson and be a lot more careful to my laptop and phone and camera, wouldn't want anything similar to happen ever again.

So, I had been living without a laptop for a few days. And I survived. It feels good not to stick with the computer all the time. I finally unplugged myself for a few days - though I still have my phone that could go online, I have school during daytime so I don't use it so often too. Now I'm using my sister's laptop, it's a little annoying that she doesn't have Photoshop here, I can't survive without it. For the first time in a very long time, I tried using online photo editor, it's actually not that bad! The photo on top was edited by using it.

So how has school been? Great. We have some really cool lecturers - I've mentioned this on my facebook but I still wanna say it again, my photography lecturer was a celebrity photographer and he shot Elijah Wood, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Snoopdog, etc. Isn't that cool? The Illustrator lecturer is an art director of a company that has done lots of branding & advertising jobs, some works we see in the MRT and billboards here are done by them! Fashion drawing lecturer will probably be one of my favourite lecturers. David Downton is my favourite fashion illustrator and that's the main reason why I started using watercolour last year, coincidentally the lecturer is also his fan and was a watercolour illustrator! I really like that he emphasized that we should all be honest to him, and could ask the simplest questions to him & he promised he would answer and not laugh because he believed in progress. I like them all, can't wait to produce more works that I'd be proud of.

All in all, school has been good. As usual I was a little shy during the first few days with the new classmates but I believe it will get better. The next big thing is to get the momentum back to work on the school works. icandoiticandoiticandoit. I can't bear to see my blog with so little photos, I need to share more exciting photos, I promise I will.

Oh dear I just couldn't have short blog posts, eh?

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