Siem Reap - Day 1

December 28, 2015

I am sitting on the bed in Siem Reap as I am posting these images fresh from the oven, I only reached here half a day ago that my luggage wasn't even unpacked yet. I'd always wait until after a trip that I start post-processing the pictures to be posted, but with me working full-time these days, many posts, photographs and stories never see the light of day, so... no more waiting till the perfect timing. It sucks, when I'm not blogging I can always compose what I want to write in my mind so beautifully, what I see, smell, hear, experience in my whole being... yet whenever I face this screen and its blank space, they're nowhere to be found.
That aside, Siem Reap so far... has the most chaotic traffic that I have ever seen in all the countries I've been to, I stayed at the street for quite a while just to try to capture it. It's amazing how all the vehicles can be at different directions on the roads, yet they seem to know how to work with it. 

I was walking alone trying to find a shop where I could get some passport photos taken, totally clueless, when my host's sister drove by and saw me, we could hardly communicate, but thank god a smile and body language are usually enough to get some help. She decided to fetch me to one of the shops in town on her bike. Oh, I had almost forgotten how much I loved being on a bike/bicycle, it just feels so... carefree. Not to mention what a great experience it was being on a bike with a local in this chaos on the streets.
I took advantage of the fact that I was traveling alone, not needing to wait or accommodate anyone else, I would sometimes stand somewhere, compose an image, and just wait for the perfect moment to happen, or that guy to turn his head to me and snap! And you could see some pictures of the local drivers underneath, who were all more than happy when they saw me with a camera pointing at them, which is also what usually makes me happy to be photographing strangers and people when I travel - to see someone smiling and happy seeing their pictures taken.

Tomorrow I will be off for a yoga & meditation retreat with no internet for a week. So whoever is reading this, Happy New Year in advance. For more personal growth and strength to take whatever is coming to us the next year!

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