It's 1st of August! which is the first day of college. last week it's only the orientation for 2 days.
So we were asked to reach our college by 9am.
I reached there at 8.59am this morning and I was like "damn, there'd be no more seat for me anymore! i'd have to sit far behind. eew."
and my phone showed that there's a new message-
"hey are you here yet? I'm already here. i saved a seat for you! quick quick! the seat we sat the other day. hehe" from Nerissa, one of the first friends i knew during orientation last week and she turned out to be my classmate (we have 20 classes) so yay! she's an indonesian but she's been studying in singapore for 11 years so she speaks really good english. there were 500+ people in the hall so i couldn't see her when i rushed in. i ended up sitting behind before the first break but it's really okay for me (: and then my phone rang again when i sat down, new message-
"far left!" from Chozan, a myanmar friend i made during the international orientation. i felt really nice by their act of kindness (:

During the lunch break, i went to meet nerissa and i joined her to go for lunch with her friends who are ALL indonesians. i really really didnt know there are so many indonesians in singapore before that! they turned out to be some really nice and funny people :D and it's really funny going to buy food together with them cuz almost everyone thought they're chinese (i thought they were chinese before i knew them too!) and spoke chinese to them. and they showed what they wanted in mime. lol. although they speak indonesian language to each other, i could roughly understand it anyway because it's pretty similar to malay (now im glad i can speak malay!) and they always try to speak english to me.
one of the girls said she can read palms so i gave her my palm jokingly. she said i'll have good fate (yay), and my first relationship would have some problems but i'll have a good marriage. hahah. oh and she said i insist to be loved. (she's an indonesian so maybe she cant express it well in english) then i said "doesnt everyone want to be loved?!", then she said yeah, but i insist in getting it. lol. anyway what she said are all pretty good. she's a little surprised that everything she said about my life or future is quite good >:D
i realize i feel more natural and easier together with them. and happier.

and then we were given our timetables.
i dont know if you're interested in what we - the art students study in an art college? but we were all excited to check our timetables and learn more about what we're going to study this semester.
so our subjects include Contemporary & Contextual Studies (CCS) which we'll be learning a lot about art history, different artists, thinking, writing and expressing ourselves (yay). Then we'll have Grey Matters, which i'm really interested in, too. it's about developing creative thinking skills. the lecturer only told us a little bit about it, he said it's about us in love, falling, letting go of things we're confident with, feelings more things we haven't etc, which really interested me.
then we'll have all the fundamental art courses like drawing, 2d studies, 3d studies and workshop which will be teaching clay modeling, photography, sketchup, moving image & sound, photoshop and illustrator.

oh after studying science courses for more than 5 years, finally i manage to get rid of them now. hahah. i'm really excited over all courses which will be involving a lot of writing and thinking and expressing ourselves.

there's this learning portal website that every lecturer emphasizes that is important and we should check it everyday. They didn't tell us what we're going to do tomorrow, they just said we all should go and check it tonight. when i was on the way home nerissa texted me "Omg kah ying, go and check the learning portal asap!!!!!!"
nerissa seemed to be so excited and said that we'll be meeting at east coast park tomorrow and she asked if i have watercolors or not. i was so confused until i checked the website when i got home. So this wednesday we all have to reach east coast park by 9am (for all 500+ of us!) and we'll have to draw or write or sketch or take photographs or whatever that we can do to record what we've seen etc, then exhibit our works at VS gallery afterwards. wow. i like it that we all get to go out of the college for school activities. that's so exciting!

i love how lasalle looks like an art college (:

hope things will be good! *smile*

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  1. oh no,u so happiness....

  2. Hey,pretty girl:
    Hope u enjoy ur SG life!

  3. Cool, u guys have outdoor assignments, I wish I have as well, it's bored to settle down in the class every day every class. Duhh =(

    I love how your college looks like, it's awesome! Hahahas, I guess this is what a real art college suppose to be.

    Have a blast!

  4. Nice college! Hope you enjoy your new life at SG.

  5. your college looks so great! :D enjoy your life there!

  6. thanks everyone (:
    I like my college.
    there are a lot of homeworks but i enjoy doing them. so im happy.
    hope everyone's doing the sameeeee (:



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