A Day Out With Mum

September 22, 2011

It's really not a usual thing for me to blog twice a day. But if I'm not posting it today, the next day I'll have to blog about today. And tomorrow I'm going to meet my two besties (yay!) so I'm pretty sure I'll have something to blog about tomorrow!

So today mum and I went to shop a little and watch Johnny English Reborn. Before I came home I had already told my mum I'm going to watch movie together with her! Hmm I like going out with my mum. I don't mind holding her hands in public. I like to feel my mum's hand.

Mum's fish & chips. 
It's hugeeeeee that we both didn't manage to finish them (as usual) haha.

My seafood pasta.
I'll forever be ordering pasta when I'm dining in some nice restaurants. I'm craving for pasta most of the time. This pasta sauce is a little too thick though.

While my dad is forever craving imported fruits. lol. So mum bought some strawberries from Australia, some cherries from US and golden kiwis from New Zealand for him. haha. I kept on emphasizing the countries when I brought them to my dad after dinner just now.

My another all time craving. Or should I say it's every girl's. They're from my sister in law! I'll blame her if I gain weight :p

Going to meet my besties tomorrowwww! It'll be a good day. Today is another beautiful day, thank you.

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