Blissful Moments

September 21, 2011

A collection of beautiful things around us, beautiful memories as well as beautiful moments I tried to capture, record and keep for myself. I love beautiful things - beautiful faces, beautiful seashells, beautiful beaches, beautiful eyes, beautiful shoes, beautiful sunrise, beautiful sunset, beautiful acts, beautiful memories, beautiful mind, beautiful heart.

These videos were all taken in New Zealand and Taiwan when I traveled there. I love traveling. I like recording every beautiful thing I see. I don't want myself to forget what beautiful places I have been to. I don't want myself to forget how wonderful the world is. I don't want myself to forget that life is inspiring, no matter what happens, sometimes we just need to go out and get some fresh air, and notice how beautiful things are.
Every experience is unrepeatable
- Italo Calvino
Basically this video isn't only mine. It's also my friends'. The music is by a friend, while some of the wordings are from another friend! (Thank you Kevin & Gabriel!) It's actually a school assignment, and it's the very first time I put in so much effort into a single video, usually I'm too lazy to have a lot of editing in it, because I'm not very good in using video editing software.

After showing the video to the lecturer, he said it's well done, the music and voices are good, someone said it's very spiritual, some said it's professional (Thank you, really)
"But, I cannot accept this." said the lecturer. I knew what's wrong, all the videos were not recorded purposely for the project. It's a known statement that we all should conceptualize our works before we start recording or doing it, obviously I didn't do that. I don't know why he didn't tell/question me about it when he checked my video earlier so I might have changed the whole thing. But I smiled and nodded, I was okay, I was fine, until I got back to my seat, the tears just wouldn't listen to me, they started flowing through my cheeks when I saw so many of my friends' works got shortlisted to the exhibition while mine's rejected. Yes, I started crying. But deep inside I really know that I did a good job, people like my work, I myself like it, the lecturer himself said it's good, why am I crying?
But hey, it's beyond my control. It's okay to cry, right?

Friends started to notice it.
Nerissa gave me a really heart-warming hug, telling me it's okay, saying that she'll buy me my favorite gongcha bubble tea (haha). Darren tried to cheer me up by showing me a really cool video, and yes it did brighten up my day! because I was so concentrated in watching the video that I forgot to think about what just happened. After watching the video I knew I just need some distractions to feel better. Gabriel asked me to go out and get some fresh air and drink some water. "I'm serious! go out! Don't force yourself." he said. Sam text me right after I left the class to go home earlier as I was coming back to Malaysia and said my video is really professional and they love me! Kevin said he doesn't like to see me crying and my work is beautiful to him though the lecturer might not think the same. When I was on the way back home Windy text me and asked how was I feeling and she was worried.
I wanna thank each of them. I'm so touched. so grateful. so thankful. My heart exploded with gratitude. These people are amazing. I don't see why I should be sad when I'm surrounded by these awesome friends.

I looked at the gloomy sky outside the window of the bus and said
"Today is such a beautiful day."

2 Love notes:

  1. your friends are really sweet! i should learn more and more from you ying. i really feel myself nowadays start more side on negative mind ady (my poor vocab, you still get wat i mean right haha). you're always my model to learn to live my own life! :D
    can't wait to meet up with you and sara on this friday!

    love euuu <3

  2. @nancy:
    aww nancyy. if i happen to have inspired u or sth, it's my pleasureeee. nah im not gd enough to be a 'role model' or whatever haha.
    just rmb what i told u, yea? mix yourself with all the positive people. go out more. breath some fresh air. you'll be fine :)
    love u too!



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