Summer In The City

May 2, 2012

The assessment of the last term is officially over, yay! Say hi freedom!

For this term we were instructed to transform second-hand garments into something different and trendy at the same time. So we had to look at fashion shows, designers' latest works, magazines and all to analyse what's the current trend and translate them into our garments. Then we had to style the final garment onto a body and photograph in a way to support our original themes and researches. 

 So yes that's the final garment of mine, the blue sleeveless blazer is originally a long sleeve blazer with jacket lapel, and the skirt is from a dress. Trust me it's not as easy as it sounds like. didn't do a very good job, my workmanship is horrible :( This time I wasn't the one behind the camera, but the one in front of the camera. Felt sooooo weird.

I was planning to have a proper shoot, I sent out lots of emails, to model agencies, make up artists, some friends, models to ask for advice, look for models who want to do test shoots, make up artists who want to collaborate etc. I also went to a few places to choose the best location that suits my outfit. In the end, I got myself the make up artist/hair stylist and lighting artist, locations and everything were all set, except the most important person - the model. The deadline was too close so most of the models had already been booked, some models weren't free on weekdays, some never even replied... 

Was a little upset but it's alright, I'm quite happy that I finally gathered the courage to contact model agencies, models, make up artists and all to ask for collaboration, knowing these attempts might fail. The day before I went to my brother's wedding back in Penang on Saturday, I still couldn't get a model so I was thinking "urg I'll just do it by myself I don't care anymore." and threw the garment into my luggage.

We only stayed in Penang for one night, the next noon I'd be flying back to Singapore already. When we reached the hotel it was already noon, and we were tired because we didn't have enough sleep the previous night, our flight was quite early in the morning. Yet I pulled myself up, put the clothes on, and told my sister I needed her to help me shoot, then started doing the make up together with sister and started the shoot!

Have I mentioned that I'm actually camera-shy? That's why when I started off photography I did lots of self portraits. I'm not comfortable to pose in front of people. I didn't do a good job. My sister knows I'm a terrible model. I was already pushing myself and trying! We only spent 30-40 minutes shooting, lol because I was struggling with posing so I went in front of the mirror and stared at myself, trying to find out what pose/expression would look good, I guess my sister was already quite exhausted so she fell asleep. I wasn't satisfied with the photos, but I knew they were the only thing I could work on already.

Thank God they don't turn out to be THAT bad.

Here's a before and after for you all. haha.
Well I'm not a good model, but my sister is not a good photographer either! :p

On a lighter note, assessment is finally over!! My 3-month holidays officially kick off today! Am already writing down what I wanna do these months. Hopefully it'll be a fruitful 3-month. Need to create more things and read more books. Can't believe it's May already! April totally flew away, couldn't remember what I did this April. Time's passing too fast these days. Can I have a "slow down" button?

10 Love notes:

  1. erm. you didn't ask me to change the camera setting? lol :P

  2. haha wow you model now too? geez

    1. nyeh once in a blue moon, when i have no other choice. haha.

  3. oh btw i like your songs :) i like yiruma

    1. "my songs"! scared me. aha.
      yeah i like him too :)
      but 'kiss the rain' is too saddddd.

  4. wow! i like the outfit! :) very nice! ^_^

    1. thank you! :)
      i wish i could show u all my schoolmates' works theirs are all very nice and professional!!

  5. Yeah, nice outfit! Can you be my designer? :D
    I can volunteer next time to be a photographer.. :D

    1. lol nooo!
      i swear im not a good fashion designer :/
      im planning to take fashion communication if lasalle allows us to choose which to specialize in next year :(
      and my schoolmates' works are so much more professional!
      i still prefer being the one standing behind the camera :P



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