Australia in Autumn

February 26, 2015

While I was sorting through my old hard-disk, I found some shots I took in Australia last May that were not posted anywhere and I think they deserve a little attention. Sometimes when you look at the old images you take, you feel something that you didn't at that point of time. Maybe because you see things slightly differently now, or life has changed and you learned to appreciate the beauty of certain things you didn't before.
Whenever I travel these days, I wish I don't use the camera or phone so much so I can truly savour the moment, but often when I look through my old photos, I'm so glad I took those images. Those moments will have been gone forever if they have not been captured. I guess for many things - "balance" is the word. Few years into photography, and I'm still constantly exploring and finding meanings in what I do and photograph. Without finding out the meaning in what I do, I lose my motivations. What I want to photograph has changed tremendously over the years, especially lately, and I want to be brave enough to make use of my skills for something bigger, something more meaningful not just for me, but for the society. But then again, it's such a big question, I'm just a girl, and I'm still learning and trying to find out. For now, I want to make sure I take images not just for the sake of taking them, but truly appreciating the beauty of what I'm capturing.

I don't usually take lots of portraits of my parents, or at least I don't remember taking a lot of them, but some of these seem to be such precious images of them. We will never be as young as our past, while these little moments and expressions will be frozen and cherished long after the moment was gone. How do we know when will be the next time they get to lie on the beach together? I did not take the images with the intention of posting them on my blog but I'm glad I did. 
It makes me happy seeing photos of them smiling and all happy. It makes me feel strangely happy and content.

Picture of me with the Sydney Harbour Bridge while the sun was setting by my sister

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