Try, try and try

September 6, 2011

These works are basically not mine. I re-created them. Check out David Downton's works. I love them. Personally I think sometimes it's good to follow some famous artists' works to see how they use all the different materials, or how you can get the same effect by using the materials you have.
I honestly had not expected myself to do works like this one month ago. Or even two weeks ago. 
I do not mean that these works are fantastic, in fact I need a lot more practices, what I wanna say is I'm trying to do something I haven't thought before. I didn't expect myself to do fashion illustrations, using chinese ink that I've always been using to write caligraphy since I was small. It really was the first time I tried drawing fashion illustration. If you think that my school is good because they teach us to draw things like this, I'm so sorry to say that you're wrong. I'm the only one in my class who did this. And everyone does some very different works from mine. The lecturers really don't teach us very much on the techniques and skills to draw everything. They just keep emphasizing how important it is to try, try and try. Just keep trying. Be not afraid of being wrong. 

And yes I really like fashion illustrations, especially the face part. As you can tell I'm very much into beautiful faces. I love beautiful things. beautiful features. beautiful eyes. beautiful mind.

We are urged to explore and try using different mediums and materials. We even used chopsticks. This was mostly done by using wood chopsticks with chinese ink, in an A2-sized paper.

I'm very happy with all of them, not because they're perfect (because they're not, and will never be), it's because I can see my own progression, I can see myself trying things I haven't tried before, creating works that excite myself. The results always surprise me when I try different things. It feels amazing to create very different works that you yourself are happy with.

People who think art students would have more free time, I'm afraid it's not true. I have been sleeping at 3am these days, but I never really managed to finish my homework. It becomes so normal to me now, because most of my classmates do the same. But, we're happy, because we're doing things we like.
Write the book you want to read
- Austin Kleon
That inspired me. Create the artworks you want to look at.

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