Ink Portrait

February 29, 2012

If you know me in real life you'd know about my obsession with wet mediums when it comes to drawing. 
I adore ink and watercolor. (as compared to pencils and color pencils hehe) 
Some time ago my drawing lecturer, Rossalyn brought her sepia ink to school to demonstrate and I told myself I must get one! 
Isn't it niceeeeee ♥0♥ 

I was confused if I should continue drawing the hair or just leave it like this because I think it looks quite good this way. 
But since it's just a practice/experiment I decided to continue drawing it. I didn't take too long to do this anyway. 
So I proceeded. Well it doesn't look very satisfying in the end but ... at least I tried! hehe I will improve I swear.

Another thing you should know about me is my obsession over beautiful faces! especially girl's. 
sounds lesbian but yeah it's my favorite thing to draw. One of my biggest wishes is to be able to draw these faces well. Haha.

in process...
messy workspace with nutella in front of me. haha.
If you realize the eyes don't align actually :(
Anyway I hope you like this!

18 Love notes:

  1. is great =) love your drawing so much ~

  2. This is just superb ! ;) Well done :D hope to see ur new work soon xD

    1. Haha I was wondering who is it.
      Alright thanks zhenjet!
      Rmb to buy me sth from US as encouragement! Haha

  3. before and after add hair, the drawing still looks nice..
    p.s. I din even realise the eye's din allign till you mention it. the angle makes the picture looks normal.

    1. Exactly! I was sitting when I drew and that's the perspective I was looking at all the time so I didn't realize they don't align until I stood up n looked at them from front :(
      So I learned the lesson this time.
      Hope I won't repeat the same thing next time.
      Btw thank you! :)

  4. I believe you will do better in future drawings.. Wish you luck,gal. take care..

  5. I just love the colour tone :)

  6. OHmygod! I love the painting it's so awesome! your work inspires me!!! ^_^

    1. thankyou!
      i'm glad if it does inspire you! :)

  7. Excellent work~,follow you for a long time, glad to see you progress so much in years. Love you shots very much.D hope to see ur new beautiful work~
    PS: I saw campus green, so u a nus@utown? wol~

    1. oh so you have been silently following me?!
      HA finally you show up >:D
      and thankyou!!
      nus@utown? hmm? I'm from LASALLE so the campus green I mentioned are all LASALLE's. i didn't know nus has one too .__.

  8. oh my god. You are sooo good at drawing! You sound like a really sweet person :) xx

    1. glad that you like it! :)
      haha maybe i am! :P

      thank you anyway!



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