Flowery Home

January 23, 2012

I'm back to my lovely home again, for Chinese New Year this time. 
My sister and I were amazed by our house yard's new look. 
The garden somehow looks more spacious now.
We love it!

flowers and I
Crocs & the kitten that came to our home some time ago. She's lucky cuz my family's cat lover.
Happy Chinese new year to everyone!
Please surprise me, 2012.

First day of the second semester

January 9, 2012

Holy moly. It's the first day of school after the semester break and we're told that we will need to design a complete typeface (from alphabet a-z) after 3 classes of 2D lessons. We're required to select 1 poem from the given list (about 10 poems in total) and design our own alphabets through transformation based on the moods/characters of the chosen poem.

And they expect us to do something like:

typography work of Pomme Chan

I'm absolutely clueless on how should I start on it. And I don't know how am I gonna finish it in such a short time when we're still gonna have homework for 3D, Illustrator, clay modeling and drawing all at the same time, which means, I must work harder i must work harder i must work harder i must work harder x100.

Hopefully the results would be something I'll be proud of.

Back to Singapore

January 7, 2012

I'm finally back to singapore after one month of having fun and being lazy. Before I came back my sister already said Friday night would be reserved for a welcome back dinner! (Yay food!) Well yes we always look for the smallest thing to celebrate so we'd have good food. haha.

Sister had lasagna while I had chicken victoria. ohh and a brownie with ice-cream! 
We then went shopping together. See what we bought!

Hahaha we bought 2 Japanese style bowls with our chinese zodiac signs on them. 
We think the ramen bowls are kinda cool to be used at home. no?

I spent RM20 to buy magazines to read on the way back to Singapore. And I used up 3 hours on the bus reading CLEO. wow. I don't buy magazines usually. I was just scared that I'd be bored. Didn't know that bus is actually so much more comfortable than a train cuz the seat is hugeeee and you can slide the seat back to sleep.

Loving the cover girl - Zooey Deschanel! Her eyes are so beautiful.
She's a song writer, singer and actress. But I think she's also very photogenic. or..different.
Hehe I like seeing beautiful girls more than good looking guys.

Originally going back to Singapore

January 6, 2012

Packed everything and was so ready to be back to the small and busy island for the coming new semester.
But here I am, lying down on my king-sized bed at home in Malaysia, ready to hit the sack.
To make a long story short, I didn't manage to go back today. Maybe I'm just meant to stay at home a little longer! Hehe.

Oh well actually it's the train. It sorta broke down. That's why I'm home now. Some people decided to wait for the train to be repaired but even the workers couldn't tell what time it'll be done. Maybe midnight, no one knows. We'd been stuck there for...3 hours? It was 8pm when I finally decided to call my mum to fetch me home.

The train stopped at the same place for so long, it's getting darker outside, and it's so stuffy inside that I could hardly concentrate on reading anymore, each moment that passed felt like an eternity. God. I need to breath. I walked to the part between coaches for there are opened doors for me to breath some fresh air outside. I stepped out of the door and wow, I immediately felt the wind on my face. The view outside was beautiful. I've been travelling by trains for so many times but I'm never really bored of the views, they're very scenic and natural. Sometimes I feel like I've been time-traveled to the stone age or the era where dinosaurs still exist looking at the very original and unexploited jungles. You probably can only see those views in a train cuz trains sometimes travel in the middle of forests.

Of course I didn't let the opportunity pass. Hmm I finally picked up my baby to photograph again. When I'm home I always use my dad's camera cuz 1. it's lighter, 2. the angle is wider as I didn't bring my kit lens back to M'sia and 3. everything's automatic! (saves a lot of time) - it's nice to use it for casual events like gatherings and parties. But I still love my camera the best in terms of the quality, just that I'll need more patience as everything isn't automatically adjusted like my dad's camera.

How can you not adore the sky?
a motto I live by.

The project briefs for new semester are slowly being uploaded to our school website now. Reading them excites me! For one of the projects we will be designing our very own fonts (from a-z) for a chosen poem! I'm really excited about it, I like typography. But we're required to finish a whole sketchbook for this one project. (fyi, I didn't even finish my first sketchbook for the first semester) Guess that means I'll need to put in a lot more effort as compared to last semester, and more sleepless nights are waiting me. I honestly just hope that I will be doing my very best for the coming school days. The final results are somehow not that important. Hope everything will turn out well. 

twenty twelve

January 4, 2012

New year, new wishes, new goals, new habits.
  1. more reading/books, less facebook.
  2. appreciate more, love more.
  3. learn to give more without expecting returns.
  4. do and create more. remember that all the planning in the world will get us to nowhere. so just do.
  5. eat healthier. make different breakfast.
  6. exercise more. be closer to my goal weight. not for anyone else but myself, really.
  7. learn to think before speaking. less gossiping. 
  8. learn to save money. start earning if possible. (it is possible!)
  9. learn something new. (rollerblading!)
  10. have an inspiration board at home.
  11. better time management. I always said to myself "I have no time for extra reading/works! I have so many homework and projects to be done by tomorrow!" Actually? I just didn't manage my time well enough. I know if I could do it better I'd be able to do a lot more works and achieve more.
They are just wishes anyway. Accidentally came across this in a blog and thought it's quite inspiring. I didn't have any new year's resolutions list each year like some of the people because for me it's just... a list of wishes. But I turned to be quite motivated after reading some bloggers' new year's resolutions and how they are going to achieve them. They are making plans to make sure that they are going to accomplish them by the end of the year! 
via here
I am so going to try it out. I'm not going to waste my life wishing for things anymore. I can't just sit there and expect/hope things to come true without putting extra effort. I need to have more solid plans to achieve them! Rawr!

Tomorrow I'm going back to Singapore for school's starting next monday. Last week when I realized I'm going back this week, I felt a little nervous, like I wasn't ready for the hectic and busy lifestyle yet. But now I guess I am. Sometimes it's better to be occupied, at least you won't feel like you're wasting your life being unproductive. I'd say I've had enough rest and...I'm ready for the new semester now.

I'm gonna do my very best for this semester. Focus!

Happy 2012! This is probably the closest thing I wanna wish everyone in the world including myself.
"May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful, and don’t forget to make some art — write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself."
~Neil Gaiman


January 3, 2012

december [dɪˈsɛmbə] n
a month of lights and feasts; time to make amends and tie loose ends; finish off what you started and hope your wishes come true. A month filled with love, love and just love.

Can't believe it's all over now.
Holiday's over.
December's over.
2011's over.

Anyway, every end is a new beginning.
January, here we go again.

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