Finally my body couldn't take it. Giving me signals to get more rest.
Sleeping late every night trying to finish the school works but turns out that I have no choice but to skip some classes because my body wants me to rest.

Poor body, I honestly feel so sorry, for not taking good care of you. I didn't mind what I eat. Maybe you were already feeling unwell but I still had the fries from Burger King yesterday that made things worse. I nearly forgot that I'm having  fried curry puff or yam pie or pineapple pie every morning. My throat hurt like hell when I woke up this morning. It still does.

My body has always been weak, I remember those days when I was still in secondary school, everytime I took part in some camps, I'd have fallen sick and my parents would have to drive all the way to the place to fetch me back home. But those days are different, when I was being fetched home, I'd be treated like a princess. Mum and maid will cook something healthy and nice, brought the food up to my room sometimes if I was too sick to go downstairs, brought me to see doctor, all I needed to do was to get more rest. Sleep, sleep and sleep.

Now I'm at somewhere too far away from my home, from my mum. I'd have to take care of myself. I don't even know where's the nearest clinic here. Mum just phoned me and told me to go to see a doctor and what I should eat, I always feel safer when I listen to her voice. Amazing mum, she is.

True that the greatest wealth is health. Because you can't do anything you want if your body doesn't want you to, or doesn't allow you to. I'll take better care of it. It's a duty to keep our bodies in good health. Eat healthier food.

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  1. take care friends. Health is everything than nothing.

  2. ah moi, better take care of yourself ok! don't think you're robot, get more n more n more rest if you have free time. always worry about you cz you don't sleep enough time >:(

  3. thanks a lot for those who care.
    im very fine. sickness can't really make me unhappy, when i say "i'm fine" i mean i'm happy, not because i'm not sick anymore. haha.
    I'm eating healthier food now. think that's a good change too n_n



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