Fashion Steps Out Backstage

May 6, 2013

For those who are not Singaporeans, you might not have heard of Fashion Steps Out, it's the fashion show with the longest runway in Singapore - easily 600m I believe, with 170 models from different countries. Orchard road was blocked from any vehicles so the whole stretch of road could be used for the show, imagine that!

I wasn't a backstage photographer, it just happened that my friend knows someone who was working backstage and they needed dressers urgently for the models so of course I said yes! Dressers, you get to help the models to dress and experience the hectic moments before they step out being glamorous! Well that was what I thought, but it was so much more than that. Show was gonna start at 8.30pm but we all had to gather at 10am to prepare, get the clothes from different brands, tape all the bottoms of the shoes to protect them, make sure all the clothes/shoes/bags are there, steam the clothes, make sure your models are all present, etc...

I brought my camera along because I was sure I couldn't resist it. 170 models! Isn't that a heaven for a photographer?! So whenever I had free time, I took out my camera to take some photos, and hoped that other workers wouldn't scold me for doing so. However I only brought a lens so it was a little limited.


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