First Painting Lesson

September 21, 2011

So we had our first painting lesson this Monday. I have always been a science student so I really haven't had any formal classes on painting, by using gouache or acrylic paints or oil painting. I didn't even know what's the difference before I came here. Never thought I'd find it so interesting and exciting.

The class only lasted for 3 hours and our lecturer had to demonstrate six different painting techniques to us in about 45 minutes so we'd have enough time to try out ourselves. So she just did a quick demonstration. As you can see the painting is divided into 6 boxes, each using different painting technique. It was really, really interesting to see the results by different painting techniques. My friends and I were so amazed!
impasto, blending, glazing, knife painting, sgraffito, pointilism.

As usual we can only use black, white and the three main colours. We can only use these 5 colours to get the colours we want. It really takes some time to get the exact colour you want. 

Some of my friends' works after two hours. We couldn't really feel the time and suddenly it's already 7pm. Ahh when I was painting I realized I really really like purple! I just like looking at that colour. 

Going back home. I think it was about 11pm because I stayed in school to finish another project after our painting class and dinner. I like busy lifestyle, I like to stay in school with friends till late because I'd have no time to be unhappy. I like school life.

Honestly, I thought I wouldn't like drawing and painting. I thought what I want is only photography. I realize I was so wrong. We'd never know until we try. We even learn how to study a painting. It turns out to be so interesting to all of us. There are so many hidden secrets and symbolism in a single painting. Although a lot of people have been asking, why do you need to learn these? You're not thinking to be a curator right. 
I don't have a clear answer for this yet but I know these knowledge will definitely help me in another way. And the thing is, I'm happy learning these. This is the thing that matters to me. 

I've always had a wish, a wish that I always think I can only think and dream of. I wish I'd be able to draw and paint the people I love on a huge sheet, nicely, professionally, beautifully. I think that'd be a perfect gift for someone.

4 Love notes:

  1. @Gab:
    you should know i like yours too!
    Even those you took with your iphone!

  2. Looks interesting! :) Actually painting concept apply to photography too.

  3. @Wayne:
    it really is interesting! :)
    and yes i do believe that these fine art/painting/drawing knowledge will help in photography as well.
    just need to learn to apply the elements and principles in.



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