Berries & Pancakes

April 27, 2012

Have been seeing so many gorgeous photos of pancakes on tumblr these days, made me crave for it more than ever. Today I'm finally back to Strictly Pancakes after a year! Brought my laptop over to do some works for my brother's wedding, didn't expect it to be so crowded. Wasn't as peaceful as I expected, must be because it was lunch time, felt a bit awkward to take too many photographs too because there were always people sitting next to my table.

I immediately took the top 2 photos when the people left. Tell me how can I not love 85mm? But then it's a little challenging to take my own food because they were too close to use 85mm. I must have looked stupid when the people sitting next to my table saw me pushing and placing my plate as far as possible to take photos of it, turning the plate slightly to get a different angle to photograph, then after eating a few bites, placing them there again to photograph. love-hate relationship with 85mm. haha. 

Anyway, I ordered Strawberries and Co. - medium stack with seasonal fresh mixed berries, cream and strawberry coulis served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. gorgeous pancakes, aren't they?

Met my sister afterwards for dinner, salad was part of our dinner, it wasn't from Strictly Pancakes.
Trying to eat healthy these days :)

For the last photo, it was taken when I was walking back to school before meeting my sister. you know what carrying a bulky DSLR everywhere I go makes me do? it makes me constantly look at the things around me, so I could capture the beauty of the moments or places. This, perhaps only my camera could make me do. you know when you're holding your handphone everywhere you go, you tend to just stare at the screen every second that you overlook everything that happens around you. 

Saturday Chill

April 24, 2012

Few weeks ago my sister bought herself a watermelon ukulele to attend uke lessons. Then she was told that there's this event called Uke Madness which would be held @ Chijmes. That's pretty much the thing that brought us to this place. Didn't know there's such place in Sg town! When we pass up and see the buildings from outside we never thought it looks like this inside. Totally felt like I was being transported to some Western country, love it! 

This is gonna be a picture-heavy post because as you know, I couldn't resist when I see something beautiful to me. 

There are a lot of restaurants, from korean cuisine to japanese, chinese, mexican, italian, western and everything I could think of. We wanted to eat at the open-air mexican restaurant because it was just right in front of the lawn - where the event would be held, but too bad there wasn't any seat anymore. In the end we went to Pizzeria Giardino which is located beside the lawn. 

The newspaper-like menu.

my lychee martini.

If you realize, the titles of the dishes are all in Italian (if i'm not mistaken) that we couldn't understand.

It's not orange juice!

Sister came right after her voluntary work at Asia Dive Expo, thus she was still wearing the T-shirt. In case you think that's a glass of orange juice, no it isn't. We both decided to order cocktails - I ordered a lychee martini while my sis ordered a  mango bellini. It costs about $14 each glass, which is quite expensive for me, and when you see the amount of it maybe you'd be thinking 'huh so little for $14?!' but when you start drinking it you'd realize it's definitely more than enough, because it's quite alcohol-heavy.
Anyway my sister and I spent some quality time together drinking, eating, talking :)

passed by Raffles Hotel when we were walking to the bus station. Gorgeous.

That's all for now. Hope you enjoy the photos :)


Model: Lisa Frijters
Makeup & Hair: Laea Hidayah
Lighting: Ivan Lim

A shoot that I did back on January. Millions thanks to Ivan who kindly offered me to try shooting during his shoot. Yes this was a shoot organized by him, not me, the lighting was set up by him too! This is super overdue, just suddenly feel like sharing them on my blog. Currently I'm planning to organize my own shoot, for the very very first time, partly because of the school assignment, but mainly it's because I really want to create some beautiful images again! Everyone can see that my photography page is half dead now. So inactive! I need to get out and shoot, gain more experience, know more people, keep myself learning all the time! Still looking for model, hairstylist and make up artist :( The deadline is really close, really really hope I'd be able to make it. Wish me luck, please.

On a side note, any models, designers, stylists, make up artists, hairstylist who are interested to collaborate or purely want to expand your portfolio like me, please do not hesitate to contact me! I'm quite friendly, I don't bite. haha.

New member - the 85mm

April 21, 2012

Hi, i just got my camera's family a new member today :)

#1 Technically this is a birthday gift from my parents, because during my birthday mom gave me an angpau to buy whatever I want. She knows I want lots of things and it's good that I'm free to get what I want myself  instead of getting me something I might not like? couldn't express how grateful I am to have such a loving family and having what I have now. I decided to use the money to get myself a new baby for my camera's family! am quite pleased with the purchase, can't wait to use it to photograph during my brother's wedding next week! :)

#2 Went to Geoff Ang's photography talk today, very very inspiring. He's only at his thirties, but is already one of the most in demand fashion/advertising photographers in both the local and international arenas. He's been hired to shoot for Adidas, Singapore Airline, Clinique, Levis, Nivea, Nike, the list goes on and on. decided to go more photography talks and workshops to always be inspired by these amazing people.

#3 First time trying Soyato just now with sister, the guy who opened Soyato is my sister's university friend and the business is quite successful. It's 100% soymilk frozen dessert which are low in fat and have zero cholesterol. yayay eating dessert and not feeling guilty at the same time. And then I couldn't resist to get myself a KOI bubble milk tea which is so fattening ._.

Should start planning my time for the following week as there'll be no school but homeworkkk.

Thai Treat

April 20, 2012

@ Koh Nangkam Restaurant
Went to a thai restaurant near Bugis yesterday after the foundation fashion show. (yes, our first fashion show! I'll blog about it later on) The restaurant is a little stuffy and small but after a while I didn't feel it anymore. I loveeeeee thai food! It's also my treat to Azi who was willing to be my last minute model during the runway show because the outfit couldn't fit my original model due to the inaccurate measurements. Thank you Azi! :)

Many days I came home with photos that I wanted to post here but was forced to postpone them cuz of the overloaded homework. Finally they're about to be over! will not have school next week, yay! I have about 4-5 blog posts to go. I haven't even blogged about the day I turned 19, which was 2 weeks ago. Maybe you wonder why I insist on blogging some overdue posts? It's because I don't want my photos to be wasted and stay untouched in my external hard disk forever. Even I myself will never  be able to look through all the photos I take, there are too many!

On a side note, next Saturday will be my brother's wedding dinner at Penang!
Can't wait to be back to the food heaven! :)

Life via iPhone

April 15, 2012

#1  many many nice food with friends. food is my life. First two are some yummy belated birthday treats
 from windy, azi, sam, nana and sulis! They all know how much I love food :)

#2 out of 6 workshops in school, 4 of my works were being chosen to be exhibited for the foundation workshop exhibition. very lucky, i know!

#3 bought a new pair of sandals because the old ones decided to dump me half hour before my presentation. It was raining and I boarded bus and walked to the shopping mall barefooted, imagine that!

#4 bought a new oversized billabong overnight bag for school. it looks exactly like a hand luggage when it's filled with things but yes that's precisely what I need for school.

#5 two days before I turned 19. Goodbye 18, it has been the best year in my life. 

#6 made some cool new photographer-friends outside school, good to know some photographers around my age, having the same interest! :) (it's funny when the person looked at your photos in facebook and said in surprise "huh this one is you?! I followed you on tumblr!" *big headed*)

#7 gonna be shooting a wedding dinner at Sentosa Boardwalk this September! Long way to go but I'm already excited because it's such a beautiful place especially at night :)


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