Outdoor Drawing

September 16, 2011

am very motivated to blog more often by a friend who blogs everyday. (Thanks Gab!) I always said I was too busy to blog, but why my classmate can but I can't? Obviously it's because I don't manage my time well (as usual). I know I shouldn't make blogging sound a chore, but I realized if I'm not blogging I'm not motivated to take photos these days because I don't know why I'm keeping all the random photos.

Today it's our first time to have outdoor drawing session outside the school! It was really fun! It feels quite awesome when all the passers-by started to stop by and look at you drawing. You feel like an artist! Sometimes it could be quite tense though. But it's fun because we were with all our classmates (sitting at different spots). Then we all started to get some ice-cream and food because we were basically drawing in the middle of a busy street. 

This was what I tried to draw. The moment I started drawing the seller wasn't there yet! And suddenly the umbrella was open and everything was slightly moved.

This was what happened to each of us. Before we started drawing our lecturer had already told us maybe there'd be people standing around us to look at us drawing, "Just focus on drawing your subject, don't get distracted." I must say that it's easier said than done. I feel very unnatural when people look at me drawing!

The best drawing student in my class. And he was sitting beside me. !(@*^#@# 
haha. His drawings are really really great.

Went to McDonald for lunch. I found it really funny when 3 of the guys in front of me started shaking their fries together in their very different ways so I quickly recorded it.

Watching this video always makes me smile!

2 Love notes:

  1. EHEHEHEHEHEHEHHE^^ I'm super stalker no.1
    I love love love your photos! Now I'm more motivated to bring my Dslr around heh

  2. @Gab:
    ahh i think even the pics u took with your iphone are nice too!
    p/s: i really like your blog!



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