Marche, Singapore

March 29, 2011

So I'm back from Singapore, again! I went to Singapore last Thursday right after I got my SPM results on the previous day. Just in case you're curious, I got straight A's for the exam :) I'm glad that I made my parents proud! Anyway I think the result doesn't really mean anything, if you're sad with your results and thinking of giving up, that's the thing you have to worry about. This time I went to Singapore for a college interview, and it's Lasalle, one of the art colleges in Singapore and yay I'm now accepted into the college and I just received the offer letter just now! The day when I reached Singapore, my sister brought me to a restaurant named Marche which she said is quite special to have our dinner.

Trust me, Marche is exactly like a food heaven. It's an awesome market style restaurant! I couldn't stop wowing and I felt like I was walking into a really old bar in Europe. The ambiance and the interior decorations are perfect. And every food and fruit they put on each stall looks so fresh and mouthwatering. They cook the food you want instantly in front of you when you order it. I swear if it's buffet I'd probably try each food they offer haha especially the dessert stall :P

Oh but sadly we are not allowed to take photos inside! *eew* I was asked not to take photos inside for about 3 times haha but I couldn't resist, I tried to take some secretly and most of them are blurry anyway hahah. Please don't mind :P

I know, right, my sister has big eyes O.O
And here are some of the food we ordered, we actually wanted to try and eat more but we were too full haha :P It's one of the traditional dishes of Swiss on the right - Rosti. 
I was trying to follow my sister's face expression by not showing my teeth but gah, i think it failed badly hahah i look so funny. she looks so much cuter than me! *cries* (though she kept saying she looks like an alien in this picture :P)
 No doubt, it's one of the best ice-creams I've ever had. Sweet and concentrated enough, you'll love it :D
My sister keeps complaining about the blurry photos (._.) Sorry for that haha but you'll feel so scared to take photos as you're not allowed to, plus it's a bulky DSLR with the loud shutter sound :P
Anyway I hope you enjoy the photos :D

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  1. gosh!!!! awesome!!!!

  2. Super nice restaurant, indeed, ying :')
    You are such a lucky girl!

  3. I think the curve have a restaurant similar with this.

  4. Hmm I didn't know you are not allowed to take photos inside because I always did that when I was there. :P

    Nice one Ying! Glad you are coming to SG for study, you are closer to your dream now. Do let me know if you need any help in SG. ^^

  5. I know, right?! it's so beautiful haha.
    If you havent visited Marche, you definitely should! :D

    @yhtee: hey yup, I heard about that too, but I'm not too sure if the interior and decorations are same. But the one in Singapore is quite biggg haha it's underground one :D

    @Wayne: Omg seriously?! Eew then why did they ask me not to take?! hahah i saw that there's a board stating that we shouldn't be taking any photographs, haha but the worker told me not to take pics only in front of all the stalls, so i think it's fine to take pictures on your seat, of your food, of your friends but not the stalls and food they served each stall :P

  6. @Wayne: Oh and hey, thanks! I hope I didn't do the wrong decision :( My brother thinks it'd be better for me to study some kinds of... 2+2 or 3+1 course in Malaysia/Singapore so i have the chance to study 1 or 2 years overseas like UK or Australia or USA. He thinks they're all better than Singapore, of course they are, but I couldn't find colleges offer this kinds of courses for art/photography here in Malaysia :( I really hope that Lasalle offers American degree transfer programs but I think it doesnt :( Cuz you'll need to draw a lot if you're studying in Lasalle, my brother thinks that's not really what I want, so he still hopes that I could find some better colleges that offer exactly what I'm looking for :\
    And hey i didn't know you're staying in Sg you knoww. haha or I have just forgotten about it :P okay, thanks, i will :P

  7. nice^^wow...gratz gal~~~so there's a kuala pilah kampong in singapore...Nxtrip~singapore^^hahahaha...proud of u too^^hehe

  8. nice photos! restaurant will have more business after people see your photos. :D and oh ya... ur cuter than ur sis. :P don't "cries". :P

  9. @Jensen: Oh thanks! *hugs!*
    :P and hey i didnt know you have a blogspot! following you now! :D

    @Harry: Yea, i know, right?! hahahah I'm helping them to promote! Why dont they allow me to take photos and promote them for free X_X

  10. geez i salute you for having the courage to take pics although you're not allowed too. awesome awesome pics.i dont find them blurry at all! i like your ice-cream pic, awesome bokeh

  11. @Melanie: haha it's not THAT strict though, I saw people taking photos too! but most of them were taking photos of friends eating, on their seats while I wanted to take photos of all the stalls and how they cook etc :P haha the one above the fruit juices one is the most obvious one, it's blurry! haha. and yup, it's bokehlicious. yum yum <33

  12. 哇,好棒哦你。太厉害了你,拍什么都很好,太喜欢了,美得不得了。加油啦。希望你可以做得更好啦。gambateh lo^^

  13. @过路人:虽然不知道你是谁,不过还是要谢谢你的喜欢^^ 我会的,谢谢你 :D



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