Jayesslee's Concert Tomorrow!

June 22, 2012

Will be going to Jayesslee's concert tomorrow together with the besties and I'm so excited! :)
In case you do not know who Jayesslee is (how can you?!), they're Janice & Sonia - a pair of Korean twin sisters, born and raised in Sydney, Australia. They have been rated as top performing YouTube musicians since their first debut on 2008. Check them out now!

I couldn't decide which video of theirs should I put on the blog because I like so many of them.
The latest video sort of blew me away because the song's recorded in a studio and the quality is...wow.

But some people think those songs recorded in studios must/might have been edited so they sound perfect,
I'm not sure about it but I love their songs that were not recorded in studios very much too, very real and original :)

Talking about Jayesslee, a few years back the besties and I stumbled upon one of their videos - Officially Missing You in Youtube and we immediately fell in love with them.

Until now we still always sing this song whenever we go K-box, and we love singing their version (the mood of the original one is a little different). Sara and Nancy loved it so much they even performed the song in Jayesslee's version during one of the school events back then :)

They're not only talented, pretty and happy (at least they look very cheerful and kind to me!),
but also extremely adorable and funny in some of the videos.

Sonia :" You silly! Picasso is a basketball player." I literally LOL-ed. 
Aren't they adorable?!

I'd actually love to draw or paint them something and hand the artwork over tomorrow but sadly my inks, paints and brushes are all in Singapore now :( I think the reason I like them so much is because of their personalities (though I do not know them personally haha), seeing cheerful and kind girls always makes me want to be one, so I think they're having a very positive influence on me. haha.

Recently Sonia just got married and we were all so excited for her. haha. We always keep ourselves updated with any of their wedding videos or photo slideshow. Duh, we sound like mad stalkers now. But we are really happy for them! :)

Some of my favourite songs of theirs are Breakeven, I Wont Give Up and You Raise Me Up :)

Dr. Martens Classic 1461 3-Eye Shoes

June 16, 2012

I finally could cross this Dr. Martens shoes off from my wishlist!

Not easy to get this from Malaysia, went to some shops far from my home and they only had sizes for guys, I then learned the lesson and called the other shops to check if they had my size before I went, it took me 3-4 hours to go to the shopping mall just to get this darling pair of shoes! I remember the first day I wore it, a guy in the restaurant I was having dinner at complimented that I had a gorgeous pair of shoes and I was so happy! hahah. I think some people would think it's a little too manly for girls to wear it but I just love it.

I've heard that it'd take some time to break in and it's true, it hurt my feet the first day I wore it, it felt so hard and lifeless. I searched the google and found some very useful tips to break in these tough shoes. It then became a lot more comfortable after wearing it when I traveled at Indonesia few days ago, gladddd :)

May, at a glance

June 6, 2012

Finally a new blog post! I know, to me it's been so long since I last blogged! I feel like I forgot how to blog. I heard the famous fashion blogger - Susie Bubble said that a blog is like a baby, you have to keep feeding it or it'll die. I think I'm not a good mom, but I really don't want this blog to die. I used to check my blog nearly everyday. Now I couldn't quite remember what my last few blog posts are about. Some people messaged and asked if this baby is being abandoned, of course not!

May 2012 is easily the busiest month I have ever had these past years. There are too many things to talk about I don't think I'll be able to type everything. First it was my brother's wedding, it was the first time for my family to have a wedding so it's both very exciting and tiring. Although my brother had already hired a photographer and cinematographer, I still took lots of photos (sort of expected :p)

you can see more here on my page :)
Two days after the wedding I was going to Singapore to have a short trip with my friends from Malaysia, and I was extremely tired the day after the wedding but decided to pull myself up to have a photoshoot with Sara because I didn't wanna waste the great use and potential of my sister-in-law's wedding gown! My brother was gonna return them to the bridal shop before I came back to Malaysia from Singapore so I knew it was the only day I could shoot by using it. The only day. Shoot or regret. Glad that Sara was having holidays too so when she said yes I quickly packed all the accessories that may be used, the gowns, some shoes of my mom and put them in the car. I originally planned to have a shoot with a professional make up artist in a photo studio but it wasn't possible because it's too rushed. I could only use what I had in my hands.

here's the outcome! I didn't even have time to look carefully and pick the best few to edit, because the moment I reached home from the shoot I needed to pack my clothes to Singapore already.

I'm very very glad that I have Sara, she's always ready for me to shoot! 
I just need to call and she'd say "Okay! What time?" Thank you dearie! :)

The next day I took the train at 5.50am to Singapore, only managed to sleep 2 hours, but I can't remember what I did until 3.30am that night haha. We had so much fun during the few days! Couldn't believe I tried the reverse bungee at Clarke Quay! MUST TRY. it's not as scary as it seems! I screamed like a child when we were being catapulted vertically to the sky, and then being rotated between the two ropes in the air. My friend was kind enough to help us record it and it's really funny when I hear my scream hahaha. It was indeed an unforgettable trip, have no idea when'll all of us gather again since two are going to Ireland and one is going to US soon! Glad to have joined the trip despite how tired I was!
And these people are sweet enough to surprise me with my phone in her new dress before I even realized my phone wasn't with me! mad love :)

I have always wanted a pretty phone case for her and this is perfect. Thank yous! :)

After I came back to Malaysia, I had to pack my clothes, again, because I was gonna fly to Langkawi the next day to shoot a wedding of an Indian couple from New York! After one and a half week, I'm finally about to finish filtering, deleting, arranging, editing all the photos I took (a few thousands of them!) It was truly a pleasure to be shooting this gorgeous indian wedding in a 5-star resort at Langkawi. though extremely tiring to shoot two full days, we had LOTS of fun. Indian wedding really rocks, there are lots of love, lots of loud music, lots of dancing sessions, lots of colours, lots of good food! I was very very impressed by how everyone became one when the music started, unlike Chinese, they aren't timid and shy to dance, even the grandpa and grandma! They're such great dancers.
Here are some photos that I uploaded to my page, lots more will be uploaded soon!

As you can see it's really beautiful. Beach wedding party, what else can beat that?
Here I need to thank Vincent for inviting me to be his partner for this wedding or I wouldn't have the chance!

Well so far...that's all! Didn't plan to upload all the photos initially but I just need to. Days after the wedding were pretty much spent to edit the thousands of photos. Counting down to the family trip to Indonesia very soon! Life couldn't be any better. Hope everyone's doing good too! :)

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