Kahying is a 21 years old Singapore-based photographer. 
Born and raised in Malaysia, Kahying started doing conceptual self-portraits at the age of 16 to express certain thoughts that she could not put into words. Soon, she got her first professional camera after begging her dad to buy her one, since then it became her favourite tool to create images. 
Being fascinated by the contour of women's silhouette and emotion, fashion, or women in general naturally became her favourite subject to photograph. On 2014, she graduates from LASALLE College of the Arts - Diploma in Fashion (major in Fashion Communication). 
She has a dream of traveling around the world. On 2010, at the age of 17, she traveled to New Zealand for an exchange program and fell in love with meeting different people and trying a different lifestyle. On 2012, again she traveled to South Africa for another exchange program and never regretted the choice. Now on the 2014, she traveled to Italy for a month on her own for the first time. As much as she yearns to travel, her heart remains at home with her family.  
Please do not hesitate to contact for collaborations, rates or any other enquires :) 

email: kahying93@gmail.com

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