Home via film

May 30, 2016

If you're my friend on facebook, you probably know that I recently had my first experience with death of a family member. I will never forget how the day of a funeral goes. I won't go on writing too much about it here... I brought my film point-and-shoot with me that day mainly because it's small and compact, I wouldn't want to attract any attention, I simply wanted to document some details of such a day. Along the walk, I also took some images of the neighbourhood I grew up at, the old shophouses that I used to go for tuition classes as a kid (the picture above), my grandparents' house that I used to go every week after my drawing classes... In a way, these are all home. And then of course photographs of bits and pieces of the funeral itself. All the images are straight out of this $75 second hand film camera and I couldn't ask for more. 

Lots of thoughts, experiencing many changes (all the time)(but exciting!), couldn't put them in words at the moment. I love how everytime I develop my film after a few weeks, I'm reminded again of how the month goes since most of the time I've forgotten what are taken in the film roll. Would really like to post and document more thoughts/travels/film. Many more plans in my head that need to be planned out. So much that I'd like to do, so little time. Learning to take a break and recharge. Till then... hope everyone's half of 2016 has been well!


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