The Coffee Nations

February 27, 2011

This cafe is not too near from where my sister and I were staying (not too far either). We went to this cafe in Singapore not only to have our lunch but to do our works and most importantly my sister told me that there's wifi over there so we can access to the internet with our laptops as well (yay). It was really really funny when we tried to access to the internet with our laptops and cellphones excitedly after ordering our food  but we failed to find any wifi connection. I laughed and blamed my sister because we felt that we were cheated to such a far cafe from our home mainly to get a wifi connection when there wasn't any hahaha :P

Then we decided to do our works instead of facebooking all the time so I took out my drawing book to draw things on the table as my workshop homework. It was the first time I sat down for so long (about 3 and a half hours) to draw quietly after I stopped my drawing class at the age of 13. It feels quite good to just sit comfortably and draw very very slowly, detailedly and drink your tea relaxedly without the need to rush. 

Before we went back, my sister attempted to draw me AGAIN and I think it was better than the previous one (although it still doesn't look like me!) :P Oh I think my sister and I are cool sisters aren't we ;)

Strictly Pancakes

February 26, 2011

So I accidentally clicked into the album of photos that I took in Singapore last month and I was surprised to see how many photos that I haven't edited and uploaded! When I stayed in Singapore last month, my sister recommended to have our dinner in this restaurant - "Strictly Pancakes" for a few times but I kept telling her that it's weird to have pancakes for dinner! So one afternoon when we had nothing important to do, we planned to have our lunch there and then do our works (I have some homeworks from the portfolio workshop so I brought my drawing book and pencil there while my sister brought her laptop so she can do her works as well.) My sister kept telling me that eating pancakes could be very full but I just didn't believe it (until I tried it :P) It's not too cheap for students like us, but it worths a try because I think it's quite different to have pancakes for your lunch or dinner? Sister told me that they named it Strictly Pancakes because they don't offer any other food other than pancakes, but they could still be creative like serving pancakes with sausages, or chocolates, or vegetables.
I really like photogenic restaurants like this so I can get so many beautiful photos of it! And my sister wasn't cheating because we were SO full after eating half of them and we tried our best to finish them slowly :( We rested a while because we were too full, then I took out my drawing book and started to draw my sister who was sitting in front of me for fun. My sister said my drawing of her doesn't look like her and then she took away my drawing book and started to draw me and hahaha her drawing is terrible! :P it doesn't look like me at all!
Look! the one on right was what I drew of her and the one on the left hand side was drawn by my sister and I just don't think it looks like me! We laughed so terribly after seeing that and still couldn't stop laughing when we looked at this when we got home :P I told her I want to frame it and hang it on somewhere in our home :D

So that's it. I have some other food and restaurant photos that were taken in Singapore and I'll post them up slowly. Have a try in this restaurant if you haven't!

Penang (First Day)

February 25, 2011

My brother was going to have his marriage registration with his girlfriend wife in Penang on Valentine's Day 2011. So my family and I went over there one day earlier.

My sister - We were asked if we are twins sometimes although she's 6 years elder than me.
Reached there and we were welcomed by my brother's girlfriend's family :) then we were sent to the hotel we booked earlier to check in.
After we put everything in the hotel, immediately they fetched us to the famous Gurney Drive in Penang to have our lunch. It was about 4pm and it was extremely hot, the temperature was killing me. Mind you, we had our lunch on the hawker stalls so there wasn't any air-conditioner. Anyway, we had a nice time eating nearly every famous food in Penang that evening.
And then we went to have a little bit quick and short shopping before heading back to the hotel.
My sister is an extreme ice-cream lover so we had some quite-expensive ice-cream from an Italian ice-cream shop nearby. Chocolate-mint would forever be my favorite flavor :) After having a little bit break and resting in the hotel, we then went to have our dinner (when we still hadn't felt hungry yet :P)
Then my mum took out the necklace and bracelets that my parents had bought for her as a present for their marriage registration :)
Their family was so friendly that they then brought us to Straight Quay to view the decorations over there and have a walk.
 Brother #2 with his girlfriend :)
Weary eyes in the lobby of the hotel.
Finally we headed back to hotel, and sleep? No, I played cards with my brother, his girlfriend and my sister until we were tired and sleep :)

A day helping in the school canteen

February 23, 2011

Best friend helps her mum in the school canteen these weeks and since I have nothing to do in the morning these days, I volunteered to help them out the next day when she said that sometimes she'd not be able to do everything when there are too many students buying drinks (she was instructed to sell the drinks). Well but the job is not only selling but also putting all the ices into every cup, pouring the orange juices into each cup, closing every cup with the covers, inserting straws into each cup, and then sell. Sometimes people want juices with no ice or less ice and then she has to do one for them etc. I brought my camera today so I took some photos quickly because I think it'd be kind of interesting? :P Obviously I love taking photos of small things around myself more than people sometimes. 
Sometimes I think photography helps me to notice and appreciate little things around me more.
Although they don't pay me anything, they just say thank you but that could just make my day because we feel good when we can help, it's undeniable. Plus it's happy to chat with all the workers in the canteen, they're all really friendly and humorous ;) Sometimes I think it's pretty cool to do stuffs like this together with friends.

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