New member - the 85mm

April 21, 2012

Hi, i just got my camera's family a new member today :)

#1 Technically this is a birthday gift from my parents, because during my birthday mom gave me an angpau to buy whatever I want. She knows I want lots of things and it's good that I'm free to get what I want myself  instead of getting me something I might not like? couldn't express how grateful I am to have such a loving family and having what I have now. I decided to use the money to get myself a new baby for my camera's family! am quite pleased with the purchase, can't wait to use it to photograph during my brother's wedding next week! :)

#2 Went to Geoff Ang's photography talk today, very very inspiring. He's only at his thirties, but is already one of the most in demand fashion/advertising photographers in both the local and international arenas. He's been hired to shoot for Adidas, Singapore Airline, Clinique, Levis, Nivea, Nike, the list goes on and on. decided to go more photography talks and workshops to always be inspired by these amazing people.

#3 First time trying Soyato just now with sister, the guy who opened Soyato is my sister's university friend and the business is quite successful. It's 100% soymilk frozen dessert which are low in fat and have zero cholesterol. yayay eating dessert and not feeling guilty at the same time. And then I couldn't resist to get myself a KOI bubble milk tea which is so fattening ._.

Should start planning my time for the following week as there'll be no school but homeworkkk.

5 Love notes:

  1. wow! 85mm! sounds nice! :) from the way it looks, is it good for macro photography???

    1. hmm im sorry i dont do macro photography at all so i have not much knowledge about it :( but 85mm is very well known as a good portrait lens, the one i heard a lot about macro lens is the 100mm f2.8! :)

  2. envy u! Is it 85mm F1.4 or 1.8?

    1. nyeh it's just f1.8!
      i think it's pretty enough for me now, dont need to go for f1.4 yet :)
      when i can earn more then yes!



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