Flowery Home II

April 11, 2012

went home last Thursday together with my sister cuz it's a public holiday on friday, also because we missed home, and of course also because I wanted to spend the special day - my birthday at home. After staying oversea for some time you'd start missing the small things at home that you used to take for granted. I realized my home is the only place I could wake up with the birds chirping outside the windows.

Be the tourist of your own home town.

do you realize when we travel to other countries every small thing seems to be amaze us and we take photos of every single detail of it? but when you're in the place where you've always been, you tend to overlook all of them. I took quite some photos around my home before I came back to singapore as if it was the first time I saw them - the bookshelf, my books, my bears, my brother's room, the living room etc.

here are some photos from the garden! feel the spring people :)

2nd last picture - me with my maid's kitchen sandals. 
I remember I had a photo-post some time ago which was titled as "flowery home" when the garden of my home had just been renovated. I viewed the photos I posted there and realized some of the flowers which were there can't be seen now already, while some flowers which weren't there have just been grown :)

many things happened lately that sometimes i could barely focus on my school works. But I believe things will get better soon. I'll keep going no matter what. I believe I can do it. now, time to get back to school works.

Keep calm and carry on.

2 Love notes:

  1. wow! truly amazing photos! :D I know many might have asked this, but what lens do you use???

    1. thank you :)
      haha yessss. i received 3 messages asking me the same question the past week! ah well im using a nikon d90, most of the time i use 50mm f1.8, im a bokeh lover, but for this post i was using tamron 17-50mm f2.8.

      but do remember that the lens and camera aren't always the most important thing! :)



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