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April 24, 2012

Few weeks ago my sister bought herself a watermelon ukulele to attend uke lessons. Then she was told that there's this event called Uke Madness which would be held @ Chijmes. That's pretty much the thing that brought us to this place. Didn't know there's such place in Sg town! When we pass up and see the buildings from outside we never thought it looks like this inside. Totally felt like I was being transported to some Western country, love it! 

This is gonna be a picture-heavy post because as you know, I couldn't resist when I see something beautiful to me. 

There are a lot of restaurants, from korean cuisine to japanese, chinese, mexican, italian, western and everything I could think of. We wanted to eat at the open-air mexican restaurant because it was just right in front of the lawn - where the event would be held, but too bad there wasn't any seat anymore. In the end we went to Pizzeria Giardino which is located beside the lawn. 

The newspaper-like menu.

my lychee martini.

If you realize, the titles of the dishes are all in Italian (if i'm not mistaken) that we couldn't understand.

It's not orange juice!

Sister came right after her voluntary work at Asia Dive Expo, thus she was still wearing the T-shirt. In case you think that's a glass of orange juice, no it isn't. We both decided to order cocktails - I ordered a lychee martini while my sis ordered a  mango bellini. It costs about $14 each glass, which is quite expensive for me, and when you see the amount of it maybe you'd be thinking 'huh so little for $14?!' but when you start drinking it you'd realize it's definitely more than enough, because it's quite alcohol-heavy.
Anyway my sister and I spent some quality time together drinking, eating, talking :)

passed by Raffles Hotel when we were walking to the bus station. Gorgeous.

That's all for now. Hope you enjoy the photos :)

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