As you all know I went to Singapore last week. It wasn't the first time I went to Singapore alone by train, but it was the first time I took a cab back to my sister's place alone, walked out and had lunch alone (because my sister was working), hung around alone, sat and got online on a Starbucks nearby for hours alone. It's so safe to be in Singapore :) I didn't have to worry too much when I was walking alone in Singapore, that doesn't happen when I'm in KL :p

Starbucks + tumblr = yum :D Oh and that's my portfolio for the interview.
And that's the breakfast set which my sister and I always order from a nearby food court. I stayed there the whole morning to get online and just relax as my sister had already gone to work.
This is where my sister works, it's a hospital, a new, spacious, well-equipped and pretty hospital :O
While the photos below were all taken in the train station of Singapore. We reached there early and my sister told me that this train station is not going to be used anymore in a few more months. There were quite many photographers taking photos there and since we were early, I strolled around and took some photos of it. 
Sometimes I must say that photography helps me to notice the little things around me and appreciate them more.
The End. Oh and I love posting random photos like these or photos of the restaurants to my blog than facebook :P I hope you all like it too.
Oh by the way, I just signed up a formspring account last few weeks for people to ask any questions - about my life, about me, about the photoshop thing, about photography etc. I wanna make it a Q&A library haha so you all can always read and get to know more about me! :)

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  1. looks great^^ enjoy lo....If there is chance we will meet 1day..hehe...cant wait to listen stories from u dat time^^hehehe...+oil...

  2. Yinggg, please blog moree. I love visiting your blog, enjoy every single photos that you took :)

  3. amazing pictures ying. your style changed.
    it looks like you also go into abstract photography. really nice style!

  4. 请问你用什么相机,还有用什么牌子的洗脸霜和cream?:)

  5. @Jensen: Haha of course there'll be the chance we meet again! you're coming back to malaysia soon right?! haha ohh I think it's me who would be listening your stories! :D

    @kim: Hey are you peikhim?! Omg I visited your blog and I think your blog is so pretty and inspiring! :D I like how you post some meaningful quotes and pics over there :) And thank you! ;)

    @Jan: omg serious? has my photography style changed?! I hope it's changing in a good way :) Sigh sorry Jan for not doing the weekly motto thing for so long :( lately im learning driving, and one of the main reasons why i want to learn driving so much is that i can drive to wherever I want to take self portraits! to somewhere that no one is there. thank you ;)

    @Anon: 我用着的是 Nikon D90 :) 啊?洗脸霜?哈哈这个贴我都没有露到相呢 :P 不过最近一直熬夜,不健康,脸都烂了 T.T 我是用 SebaMed 这 set:
    我通常都不会用 cream 的,因为我的脸是油性的,可是 sebamed 的是 gel form 的,也很快被吸收,所以很喜欢 :D

  6. is great and da photossss are nice~ so enjoy at dare!

  7. Hmm.. right or wrong decision, it's really hard to judge. I used to think that my dad's decision on sending me to SG is wrong, but now I realised that it's wise decision. Only you know yourself what you want, so the path can only be decided by yourself. Frankly speaking, photography is a form øf drawing, don't u realize that everytime when you take a photo, you are painting with your camera? ;) Anyway, ya, I'm in SG, guess u just forgot that haha...

  8. "Sometimes I must say that photography helps me to notice the little things around me and appreciate them more."

    i couldnt agree more with your statement. photography helps us notice the little things in life which makes us appreciate life more.

  9. I would Singapore is a very safe city. Anyway, if for me to visit there; ya ... i love it. But if ask me to working there... opppsss i would say sorry. The reason being, i don't like the lifestyles (working) at Singapore as i feel that is too rush and tension. I prefer working in Malaysia as i can drive to the place that i want after working or during my way bk home from workplace.

    You photos very nice. The Tanjong Pagar railway station going to be end on July-2011. For a Malaysian, i think it's a waste for Malaysia as Malaysia's government had exchanged the land @ railway station with Singapore Government. The history for train will put up a full stop soon.



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