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April 15, 2012

#1  many many nice food with friends. food is my life. First two are some yummy belated birthday treats
 from windy, azi, sam, nana and sulis! They all know how much I love food :)

#2 out of 6 workshops in school, 4 of my works were being chosen to be exhibited for the foundation workshop exhibition. very lucky, i know!

#3 bought a new pair of sandals because the old ones decided to dump me half hour before my presentation. It was raining and I boarded bus and walked to the shopping mall barefooted, imagine that!

#4 bought a new oversized billabong overnight bag for school. it looks exactly like a hand luggage when it's filled with things but yes that's precisely what I need for school.

#5 two days before I turned 19. Goodbye 18, it has been the best year in my life. 

#6 made some cool new photographer-friends outside school, good to know some photographers around my age, having the same interest! :) (it's funny when the person looked at your photos in facebook and said in surprise "huh this one is you?! I followed you on tumblr!" *big headed*)

#7 gonna be shooting a wedding dinner at Sentosa Boardwalk this September! Long way to go but I'm already excited because it's such a beautiful place especially at night :)

2 Love notes:

  1. Hi. may i know which camera n lens u using?

    1. hi!
      hmm for this post all of the photos were taken by iphone 4 except the billabong bag.
      im using a nikon d90 and most of the time, the cheap 50mm f1.8 lens :)



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