April 24, 2012

Model: Lisa Frijters
Makeup & Hair: Laea Hidayah
Lighting: Ivan Lim

A shoot that I did back on January. Millions thanks to Ivan who kindly offered me to try shooting during his shoot. Yes this was a shoot organized by him, not me, the lighting was set up by him too! This is super overdue, just suddenly feel like sharing them on my blog. Currently I'm planning to organize my own shoot, for the very very first time, partly because of the school assignment, but mainly it's because I really want to create some beautiful images again! Everyone can see that my photography page is half dead now. So inactive! I need to get out and shoot, gain more experience, know more people, keep myself learning all the time! Still looking for model, hairstylist and make up artist :( The deadline is really close, really really hope I'd be able to make it. Wish me luck, please.

On a side note, any models, designers, stylists, make up artists, hairstylist who are interested to collaborate or purely want to expand your portfolio like me, please do not hesitate to contact me! I'm quite friendly, I don't bite. haha.

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