Outdoor Drawing at Clarke Quay

March 1, 2012

So we had our last drawing class at Clarke Quay! Last lesson by Ross :(
She's one of the kindest lecturers I've ever seen!
I didn't know my drawings were good until she told me. although last time I used to draw and win some prizes but it was too long ago.
I honestly thought my drawing skills sucked so I did more photography these years instead.
You know when you just start drawing, when the front parts of the drawings do not look good, you feel like tearing it and starting a new one again? Well I used to do so, I never finished those drawings.
Ross always tells me my drawings are quite good although I think they aren't,
she urges us to continue and always finish the drawings. "It might not look good at first, but just continue."
Most of the time when you finish it you'd realize it wasn't that bad actually. It actually requires lots of patience to finish one drawing.
Now even when I don't think they look very good, I tell myself to finish the drawings.
I learned a lot from these drawing classes! it's been my favorite class :)

Anyway, back to the topic, outdoor drawing could be very exhausting and frustrating sometimes,
because there are millions and millions of details! And you'd have to be prepared to be photographed or stared by all the passers-by.

Lunch with the girls at Waraku before we went back to continue drawing again.
my retarded classmates. hahah. they're lovely people! :)
I know i know, I should totally be a food photographer right? haha. These food are just too photogenic!

Then Nerissa, Windy and I went back to continue drawing. From 9am to 6.30pm! 
(And I still didn't manage to finish mine. ha. was talking and enjoying the wind :P)

I felt like we were being exhibited because a lot of tourists took pictures of us when they passed by.
haha. Some even talked to us! Some were kind enough to compliment.
If it wasn't a homework I think I would never try doing this. 
Overall it's a nice experience though we had some slight sunburn the day after. 

I was all sweaty and weary but the day wasn't over yet! 
because after this I went to have a nice dinner with sister. I'll blog about that too haha.
How can I not post all the pictures of the nice food ♥0

11 Love notes:

  1. I love that! And it sounds really nice to just sit somewhere and enjoy the wind and draw. I would totally love to join an art school IF only it's this simple. Hahaha.

    Btw, can I know what type/brand of water colour do you use? And the sepia ink from your last post! :)

    1. haha yeah i know right, it does sound nice, but when you're really sitting there already you'd probably start complaining about the sun and all. haha.

      Oh I'm using Reeves watercolor paint set. Actually it's the first time I bought professional watercolor set. And i love it! (but i dont remember i show any of my watercolor drawings here right? hehe)
      While the sepia ink I'm using is...err *realized I didn't remember so I ran downstairs to check* Okay so it's Daler Rowney acrylic ink :) I haven't tried any other, but daler rowney is quite a popular brand over here so i guess it should be good.

    2. Hahahaha, true true. Singapore sun can merciless sometimes. And yeah, I don't think you showed any of your watercolor drawings here. Maybe you should! I would love to see it! :) And thanks for running to check the brand. XP

    3. you're from singapore? :)
      i just did some simple watercolor illustrations yesterday!
      i just posted them in my facebook n instagram :p
      cz im doing a series of them! i'll blog and post them up once i finish the series :))

    4. Yup! I am. :) Nice illustrations! Haha, can't wait to see more. :D

  2. 如果我是遊客,我也會用相機記錄下來的。
    在你欣賞,記錄下風景的時候,別忘了你也是風景的一部份。 =]




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