Thai Treat

April 20, 2012

@ Koh Nangkam Restaurant
Went to a thai restaurant near Bugis yesterday after the foundation fashion show. (yes, our first fashion show! I'll blog about it later on) The restaurant is a little stuffy and small but after a while I didn't feel it anymore. I loveeeeee thai food! It's also my treat to Azi who was willing to be my last minute model during the runway show because the outfit couldn't fit my original model due to the inaccurate measurements. Thank you Azi! :)

Many days I came home with photos that I wanted to post here but was forced to postpone them cuz of the overloaded homework. Finally they're about to be over! will not have school next week, yay! I have about 4-5 blog posts to go. I haven't even blogged about the day I turned 19, which was 2 weeks ago. Maybe you wonder why I insist on blogging some overdue posts? It's because I don't want my photos to be wasted and stay untouched in my external hard disk forever. Even I myself will never  be able to look through all the photos I take, there are too many!

On a side note, next Saturday will be my brother's wedding dinner at Penang!
Can't wait to be back to the food heaven! :)

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