Berries & Pancakes

April 27, 2012

Have been seeing so many gorgeous photos of pancakes on tumblr these days, made me crave for it more than ever. Today I'm finally back to Strictly Pancakes after a year! Brought my laptop over to do some works for my brother's wedding, didn't expect it to be so crowded. Wasn't as peaceful as I expected, must be because it was lunch time, felt a bit awkward to take too many photographs too because there were always people sitting next to my table.

I immediately took the top 2 photos when the people left. Tell me how can I not love 85mm? But then it's a little challenging to take my own food because they were too close to use 85mm. I must have looked stupid when the people sitting next to my table saw me pushing and placing my plate as far as possible to take photos of it, turning the plate slightly to get a different angle to photograph, then after eating a few bites, placing them there again to photograph. love-hate relationship with 85mm. haha. 

Anyway, I ordered Strawberries and Co. - medium stack with seasonal fresh mixed berries, cream and strawberry coulis served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. gorgeous pancakes, aren't they?

Met my sister afterwards for dinner, salad was part of our dinner, it wasn't from Strictly Pancakes.
Trying to eat healthy these days :)

For the last photo, it was taken when I was walking back to school before meeting my sister. you know what carrying a bulky DSLR everywhere I go makes me do? it makes me constantly look at the things around me, so I could capture the beauty of the moments or places. This, perhaps only my camera could make me do. you know when you're holding your handphone everywhere you go, you tend to just stare at the screen every second that you overlook everything that happens around you. 

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  1. The photos are so beautiful! Your bokeh shots has me awed! :D



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