December 16, 2011

I'm now very in love with tumblr, again. 
I used to tumblr a lot. I started it a few years back and have never really stopped it
until my school started a few months ago.
Not only I had no time but also I didn't find it so addictive and interesting anymore,
and I just found out it's mainly because of the tumblr I follow.

The other day I was bored so I started looking for some nice tumblr,
it isn't easy to find a tumblr that you really adore, you know, 
a tumblr that you'd scroll on and on and on and on, 
and you just wanna keep on reading and viewing and will never really get bored of it. 
Some people spam their tumblr with fashion photos, some spam about certain celebrities, 
some give advice about love and relationships, some only post quotes - good and bad ones.

I like quotes, there're a lot of tumblr post quotes, but there're some kinds that you just can't relate to,
you don't feel connected, if you get what I mean.
I like photographs, but there are thousands types of photography, I'm not into every of them,
not every of them would make me stop scrolling, really look into it and think "wow, it's beautiful."
See, it's not easy. 

But in the end I found a few tumblr that I really really love reading,
their posts seem to speak the words I fail to express in words myself,
you know how it feels? it just feels right when you read them, 
you can totally relate to, you completely agree, you feel connected,
and you can't help but to reblog them,
secretly hoping people you know would read them, and understand you a little better. 
Sometimes I'm a little sad that no one would really be bothered to read my tumblr, because if you do, 
perhaps you will discover a part of me that I fail to show in my life,
or what's really in my mind, and deep inside my heart.
Some people don't give their tumblr away cuz it's a place for them to rant and complain
and they never want people to know and care, they want to be free, to talk about everything.
My tumblr doesn't function that way, I would say.
Of course not every post has something hidden beneath it but still, some of them do.
If someone wants to know more about me, I'd ask them to really read my tumblr posts. 
I know when you post too much in tumblr, the meaning of your posts don't seem to be so 
significant anymore cuz it seems like you post things for the sake of posting something, like anything will do.
Well I don't do that.

I like how tumblr looks like a bunch of random quotes and photos to the others,
but you actually give your deepest secrets away beneath the posts.

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6 Love notes:

  1. Hi Kah Ying, i think is time for u to buy instax mini...

  2. @Anon:
    omg hey! I actually think so too!
    A lot of my friends have it and when I tried it I really want to have one tooooo.
    How I wish you're one of my family members so you'd have bought it for me during christmas. hahaha.
    maybe i should.
    okay i totally should! (:

  3. @Anon:
    btw I wonder why you'd suddenly say that? hehe.

  4. secretly hoping people you know would read them, and understand you a little better.

    that's why i tumblr ~




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