Old Friends

December 10, 2011

Everytime I come back, Sara, Nancy and I would go to K-box together. Choir and singing were pretty much our everything when we were back in school. Two of them are like the only 2 friends that I never stop being in contact with after we graduated. We meet constantly, hang out together always, even now when I'm studying oversea, we facebook-message nearly every few days to talk about our life. We've already got used to telling each other or sharing our happiness/unhappiness since years ago, and never stop doing it even when we're parted (:

Pretty Sara & me with my ugly nail polish. too lazy to remove them 
though some of them came off already. Yeah I'm lazy that way.

And then we went to meet this old friend who has been my classmate since we were 7, to 17. 10 years of friendship. When we were in school if you asked me who's my best guy friend he'd mostly probably be the one. haha. I remember when we were standard 1 and 2 we'd always compete to get the first place in class. But being a lazy bum since I was small, after a few years I couldn't compete with him anymore. sigh. haha. And now I realize it's only the 2nd time I met him this year! omg the longest period of time. For the past 10 years we only wouldn't meet each other for 1-2months during the year-end school hols.

Clever boy, he is. Will be going to Ireland after A-level :( I swear we'd travel there together 
with them before he & Meiyan come back from Ireland! 

1. Red wine chicken chop 2. Fried salad chicken chop
3. Chicken Maryland 4. Black pepper chicken chop

My childhood. haha. 

I didn't even cry during our graduation last year, that moment I thought we wouldn't really be separated cuz we have facebook. But the truth is when you're physically parted for so long, and everyone's busy with their school works and tests and new friends, it really takes some effort to keep in touch with people. I miss those days when we were in school, everyone's so close to each other and we literally had nothing to be afraid of (at least for me) because we're all together. We see each other growing, and we grow together, we see each other changing, and we change together, from small little boys/girls who only know how to play and laugh to someone who's trying to understand life and learn to live life. Now no matter how close you could get to your new friends, in my opinion it still wouldn't be the same. I promise I will always keep in touch with these friends. I will i will i will.

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  1. Friend Will Always Keep In Touch,No Matter How Far They Are,They Still Will Find A Way To Contact Each Another... :)

    We Cry Not Because We Miss Our Friend Only,We Cry Because We Miss The All Happiness And Etc Feeling In Secondary School...



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