Lights in Orchard

December 3, 2011

So we went to watch Nasi Lemak 2.0 yesterday after sister got back from work, some people told us it isn't very nice but who cares, we support Namewee (: It was okay. But for some of the parts maybe it'd only be funny for Malaysians as Singaporeans generally don't speak so many languages thus they couldn't really catch the joke. It's really very Malaysian-ish, they speak Mandarin, Malay, English, Hokkien, Cantonese etc. To be honest I'm kinda proud that we could speak so many different languages. Sometimes when I'm in shopping malls or food courts ordering food, there are some people who speak hokkien/cantonese and the shop keepers/cashiers couldn't understand, then I'd help. Oh so proud. haha.

After the movie we decided to stroll aimlessly near Orchard Road as 1. it was still early - 9pm 2. there're always nice Christmas decorations near Orchard around December. Everytime I walk around Orchard at night I would feel like a tourist, so many tourists taking photos, buying ice-creams, some street performances, live bands, nice decorations, spacious shopping malls etc (:

Am finally going back to Malaysia tomorrow. Will get enough rest before the next semester starts. Have an urge to go to an island or a free-and-easy trip alone or with one/two friends. I really want to experience travelling alone. Everyone seems to be scared to be alone but not me. I honestly enjoy walking/shopping alone. Strange. Or maybe it depends on my mood, because I remember there were days I say I like busy lifestyle so I wouldn't have time to overthink and be unhappy. Haha. Girls.

Christmas is around the corner! I really wish to have a different Christmas this year, but how different? I don't know. Last year when I was in New Zealand all the kids received so many gifts from different family members, it's so heart warming. And the gifts seem to be something they have always wanted! I'm so jealous. I want to receive Christmas gifts, really. haha. only if people in Malaysia practise the gifts-exchange thing. 

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