Finally Home

December 4, 2011

Finally I'm home after what feels like half century. I think it's the longest period of time that I'm not home. Feels really good to be home again, the greenish garden outside home, the pretty sky, the chirps of birds outside my room each morning, my huge bed, the sounds of television downstairs that are always on at night, food from maid that has fed me for the past 12 years, my computer...and the list goes on and on. 

When I was on the way back home, I sat calmly in the car but my heart was screaming, shouting, running and bursting with joy and happiness. I'm not even exaggerating, it was exactly what I felt like. I never expected myself to feel so, but I also felt like I come back as a different person, not really different but ... grown. I feel like I am now a different girl from who I was when I first left home to the foreign land to study, which is not a bad thing, at all. Good changes are... good.

When I reached home I changed into the old shirt and boxers that I used to wear everyday at home, 
I looked at the mirror, looked that the completely unfashionable funny looking girl, I smiled at myself and said "I'm back."

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