Before I came home

December 5, 2011

One week before I came home, my sister already said we should be having a farewell dinner the day before I left S'pore, and of course we did. We went to Lao Beijing @ Orchard Central. I think dad and mum would like the food here (:

As usual we ordered too much food. We actually didn't order a lot but we only have 2 person so...

 After the dinner, the moment we stepped out of the shopping mall we saw this group people came, stood there, and started singing. Hmm I always like how people make streets less boring and more lively (:

I think I look funny here but whatever, the bokeh behind is pretty. yum so bokehlicious.

Saw this huge wing standing in the middle of the street and we thought it looks quite cool, doesn't it?

After my sis took the photo of me, I was ready to go and suddenly this guy was beside me, he put his arm around my shoulder and said "Merry Christmas!". I was totally shocked because they were singing somewhere behind me before that. hehehe.

and when sis n i wanted to leave the guy in middle looked at my sister n said 'come! what are you doing there? come!'

These strangers sorta made my day (:

4 Love notes:

  1. i like ur new blog skin :p IKR out of topic.blah..hehe

  2. kay you look really nice! slowly evolving in city of fashion huh haha

  3. @Sara:
    haha thanks :P getting simpler and simpler these days.

    hey mel!! havent seen you in so long! thanks hehe. yea im bored of my wardrobe ady these days. haha.

  4. haha you look extra chique nowadays!



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