Christmas Photo Diary

December 26, 2011

Can't believe Christmas 2011 has come and gone. Time passes really fast these days.
Another 1 week and 2011 would come to an end. I'd really love to blog about 2011 before 2012.
This year, I love, experience and learn more than any other year in my life.
I'd say it's the most interesting year among these 18 years.

I miss the homely English atmosphere during Christmas in New Zealand so much.
You must really experience it in order to understand.
Can't believe it's been a year since I last saw Anne & Pete - my New Zealand host parents.
I promise one day later I'd surprise them by standing in front of their home, give them a call and say 
"Hi would you mind opening the front door for me please?"
They really treat me like one of their daughters. They now make the room I was sleeping in my room, by hanging one of my photos on the wall. Pete loves teasing me. Missing his jokes. He's a really good cook. Loving his food.
I really want to bring my family to meet them one day later. and hopefully I will.

Sadly the Christmas here in Asia isn't quite the same. 
It's just another holiday, another day for us to go out and have fun, or to rest - for non-Christians.
I wanted to prepare a nice Christmas breakfast so much, I want yogurt and blueberries, or crispy bacon, sliced bananas with maple syrup like what we had in New Zealand. In the end I did neither of them because my dad wanted nothing but sandwich and bread roll, lol. I really like the thought of preparing breakfast for my loved ones. I want to do it more. I will do it more.

It's also one of my childhood friends' birthday! On Christmas! So we brought a cake over to his home and stayed there a little to chit-chat with all my childhood friends (:

Since we all had no program at night, we decided to go to Erika's home. We didn't even know or plan what to do at night, we just didn't want to spend our Christmas at home alone. Haha. Glad that my parents allowed me to drive there. (cuz I haven't been driving since I went to Singapore!) fetched 2 of my friends and we went to buy some food for everyone else. We just sat there eating, talking and laughing, until Christmas ended, literally. We all had been in the same school for 10 years, and now everyone's studying at different places, everyone has so many things to share. 

Look at the refrigerator in Erika's home! They're all from different countries. How cool right.

Christmas tree in Erika's home.

OH. Now I think about my christmas gift from mum. If you are following my facebook updates you'd have read my post about how amazing my mum is! Last week when I was home, mum said she bought me a christmas gift! (The other day she bought a new bag for my sister and I jokingly said "why does jiejie have a christmas gift but I don't have!" I honestly didn't mean it lol) When I touched it from the package I went "Omg is it a watch!" I have been looking for a nice watch these days but haven't got one. When I was taking it out I was thinking "Oh please let it be something I'd like!", more like praying or hoping, actually. because you know sometimes people buy you gifts but it turned out that you don't love it so much, weather it's the design or the colors or the whole thing. But this, when I saw it I was completely taken aback because it's so close to what I want! I wanted a white ceramic watch and see what I've got! My mum rocks. Or maybe it's that my taste is as old fashioned as a lady in her fifties. Haha. Mum said I've got a pair of red+green Christmas earrings last year from Anne, so this year she bought me a red+green christmas watch!

I'm so tanned that white watch actually doesn't look so nice on me but whatever, I love it (:
I'm so grateful for everything - family, friends, food, love, life. Learning to appreciate all the small things in life.
Seriously, what can I ask more?

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