Christmas Eve Dinner

December 26, 2011

During Christmas eve, dad mum and I went to Kensington for dinner. Originally we were planning to visit i-City because there are some really nice lights and decorations. Too bad it started raining in the afternoon so we canceled the plan. Wanted to meet my eldest brother and my sister-in-law at KL but dad was very tired cuz he didn't sleep well the previous night so he took a nap in the afternoon, I was waiting until he woke at about 6.30pm! It's too late to set off to KL anyway, so yes, we just went to a western restaurant to have a nice christmas eve dinner together and strolled around in the shopping mall until it closed.

My love.

When I was on the way there I was a little grumpy cuz I wanted to meet my brother for dinner, but dad overslept :( But food never fails to brighten up my mood eh. hahah. I became so bubbly and happy when we were ordering all the food.

So grateful for all the nice food.
After the dinner and a little shopping, I joined my juniors' count down party. Too bad I didn't prepare any gift to join their gift-exchanging game. We had a lot of fun anyway!

New top from Topshop, wanted to save it for CNY originally but it's Christmas! 
I wanna wear something new. heheh.
Oh and say hi to my study desk. haha.

Another few days to say goodbye to 2011 :(

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