Dream House

August 30, 2012

This morning I woke up with these beautiful images, I can't help but to share them here. After attending an art school, I'm a lot more conscious with my liking, I always try to pay attention to what attracts and appeals to me, I want to know exactly what I like. Pinterest is an excellent tool for me to do so, I viewed all the photos I pinned and realised how much I like natural lighting. Born in a digital era, as a digital photographer, my favourite wedding photography is, in the contrary, a film and natural light shooter - Jose Villa (just google his images, you'll love them.)

During the first fashion drawing class 2 weeks ago, the lecturer asked us to draw our dream houses. Many want a house with big pools, jacuzzi, gigantic televisions, luxurious items, etc, I took a while to figure out the first thing I want in my dream house - a glass window wall, with mother nature surrounding the house, just like the last image. I'd have ample amount of natural light showering me everyday. When people ask if I will be staying in Singapore for a long term to work, I really hope not, there are too many buildings, people, cars, rules, technology, but too little space, too little nature, too little time.

How would your dream house look like?

On a side note, this is the 100th post of my blog! :)

{image one, two, three, four}

4 Love notes:

  1. congrats on your 100th post!!!! :)

    1. haha thanks, but there's nothing much to be congratulated about! haha getting older.

  2. eii, your dream house so much like edward cullen's house lor!!
    and then i'm sure if your dream house really comes true, there'll be lotsa mosquitoes kiss you hahaha....
    im so bad lar, breaking your dream house :P :P

      i need to marry a vampire. haha.
      when i saw this, it reminded me of cullen's house:

      okay lemme add something to the dream house - NO mosquitoes & weird insects...
      ah sometimes things always sound and look so good, but in reality there are always some cons ):
      anyway i dont think a house like that is suitable to be built in our hot, moist and tropical countries.



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