Saturday In School

August 26, 2012

Is anyone curious about how a fashion production studio looks like? I think some people might be interested to see the places where all the beautiful garments and designs are materialized and produced - though the school only has a small one, I decided to bring my camera together with me to school today. That's where I'd be spending most of my time this academic year. It could be pretty messy sometimes, lots and lots of fabric, calico and threads on the floor.

The pattern drafting tables is my favourite - huge, clean white table with great lighting, nothing beats that for a designer or artist. It's Saturday but it didn't feel like weekends at all. I stepped into the studio and was totally surprised by how many people were sacrificing their dear weekends for school works, for learning, for fashion.

1. Sam with her Zara floral top  2. mannequins that accompany us all day  3. Industrial Sewing Machine  
4. Kai Xin with her pink hair  5. Tony's D&G multi-floral shoes  6. Other details from the studio  

Fashion students are fashion students. As a small town girl I used to be intimidated by the fashionistas in school. You know, stereotyping, it's not good, but it's automatic. But most of the time, after a while you realize they're all very nice people. You'd slowly realize even the pretty and confident girls are just like you, they have their insecurities too. So far everything's fine, just struggling a bit with the industrial sewing machines... more practises!

I was there until 10pm, before I went home I decided to grab something I needed the most after spending almost 8 hours in the studio - fresh air, so I sat at the green alone, with my laptop. Had a hilarious video call with my very good friend back in Malaysia, showing him the school campus, watching him perform some silly magic shows & present me what another friend bought that day, a bit casual talk about some friends and school life... quite a perfect way to end a Saturday. some night air, some wind, some familiar faces, voice and some laughter. What would my life be if there isn't any technology?

2 Love notes:

  1. Yeah, every one has insecurities. Just that some are better than others in hiding it. :)

  2. KY! thank you for helping me with the sewing machine!! :) as i'm typing this, kiss the rain by yiruma is playing... damn you. now i feel like crying ;_; sigh hahaha see you in class!



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