Bad Things Happen, Accept It

August 17, 2012

You will not believe it, I could not believe it, it turned out that the cost that is needed to repair my MacBook is even more expensive than a brand new MacBook. Yes you're right - I might as well get a new MacBook because I never know if there'll still be any other problems after they fix it. I felt like I just threw the money down the drain, it was bought only one week ago. I don't like to feel like a spoiled brat, wasting parents' money all the time when I still couldn't earn mine :(

After I messaged dad about it, the next thing that my phone received was a message from mom,
"Please do not feel too sad over the laptop, as sometimes things just happen - out of our realm to control, alright?"

They always understand (or at least try to), and never blame me. Now, you have such loving parents and family, if that's not the best reason to be happy and content, I don't know what else is. I'm really really thankful about it.

Latest family portrait we took at home, I like how we love traveling & doing silly things together :)
By the way, my family doesn't only consist of only 6 members anymore, but 8! yay.

Things will get better soon, I believe.

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