Unusual Dinner at TWG Tea

March 24, 2012

We went to school in the morning for a short class and we were told that we'll be having an individual presentation soon, a lot more readings and preparation have to be done when we already have enough school works now. then another lecturer came in to show us our results for the previous term. I think we all did pretty well :) We already promised Gab to go to the Andy Warhol and Titanic exhibition earlier, so we did despite the fact that we were all a little stressed and frustrated thinking about the workload. And we all didn't regret going! I'd blog about the Andy Warhol & Titanic exhibition next time because I have so much to say about the Titanic exhibition! It's really good, made me really sad reading all the facts I didn't know about Titanic earlier.

All of us then were craving for nice and sweet food after the exhibitions so we decided to go and hunt them to satisfy our stomach. Why do I call it an 'unusual dinner'? Because all we ate was dessert. haha what do you expect from 4 little girls?! We all have a big sweet tooth. In the end we went to TWG Tea. Scroll down and look at the pictures and I'm sure you'd understand why we went there.

two of the good friends - Gabrille & Samantha! :)
Oh hi can you see me? haha.
with my Titanic boarding pass! :)

Sorry for the overloaded photographs of macarons but they're so gorgeous that I'd hate myself if I didn't bring my camera. haha. I just couldn't resist taking photographs if I see something photogenic. They don't look a lot but Sam couldn't even finish her chocolate fondant! It's absolutely true to me that food makes people happy.

That's all for now! I'm supposed to be working on my assignments but I really want to post these images up first! Hope you all enjoyed the visual food. haha.

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