Good times together

March 18, 2012

Another quick post about a farewell bbq party we had a few days ago for our very first lecturer in Lasalle, Bridget. When she was teaching us we were very stressed, because she's the head of 2D studies and is very strict. But when she's gone we miss having a lecturer like her so we'd keep our works done before the deadlines. Human.

Above's a simple video I did, I didn't contribute much during the bbq preparations, I was recording most of the time haha. Somehow I realized I prefer videoing when it comes to events/parties because they capture the moments better. Else I'd be taking hundreds of photos and too lazy to edit then which I will end up leaving them in my harddisk forever. I just need to stop my shaky hands while videoing. haha.

Blue cheese brought by Bridget. It's not a cheese cake! 
Hot marshmallow being sandwiched between crackers. yummm.

We had a blast together. We really did. It started raining at first which worried me but fortunately the sky's kind enough to stop after 10 minutes of the sudden downpour. Bridget's from Britain (if i'm not mistaken) and she brought some white & red wines and a few different kinds of cheese for us! Too bad I'm always not used to the taste of some cheeses especially blue cheese. I quite like brie though.

Sausages, chicken wings, sweet potatoes, hot marshmallow (my fav!), prawns, crackers, chips, wines, lemon teas, cheeses, corns. Good talk and crazy laughter. It's the first time I saw the drunk Sam too! She's always a good girl, never thought she'd drink so much and got drunk. (Hi Sam if you're reading this haha) Huge thanks to these awesome people for always being here to help and support when I needed them for the past half semester. They're all the very first friends of mine in Singapore. I can feel our bonds being tightened. And it's always when someone's leaving that you start to see the good in them and know you'll miss them in the future. At the same night Ryan announced that he's just been accepted to the London fashion school and will start studying fashion in London this Sept. I was so surprised and sooooooo happy for him! Some of us were angry because he never waits us to go there together :( Let's hope that we all will meet him in London one day later.

I wonder what'll all of us be after 5 years. Where will all of us be? Will we still be in touch?

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