2012 Wishlist #1

March 14, 2012

I have never had a wishlist before, I don't know what's that for, Christmas? 
No one will buy me anyway, we don't celebrate Christmas like the Western.

Wishlist #1 Dr.Martens
Wishlist #1 Dr.Martens by kahying93 featuring platform boots

1. Dr.Martens
I know I know, they look so masculine, don't they? But they're absolutely gorgeous! Sometimes I prefer looking at guys shoes because I like them better. hehe. The shoes above? They're from SGD$165 to SGD275. I used to buy a lot of cheap boots but oh they're all half dead now, cuz I walk a lot in Singapore. Now I stopped buying the cheaper ones in order to buy a really good one. I have never been so determined to get a pair of shoes before! haha. 
Wishlist #2-5

2. Moleskine 
I've always heard about the products of Moleskine and how different they are from the other sketchbooks. What's so special about it? Honestly, I don't know, I haven't tried it yet. When I was strolling in a bookstore yesterday I saw a small moleskine notebook which is slightly bigger than my palm- costs SGD$88, while some of the even bigger ones are not as expensive, but roughly they're all about $30-$40+. Look at the photos I attached above, the sketches people did in their moleskine, they're beautiful aren't they. I also heard some people said that they thought it's very overpriced at first but after they tried it they knew they'd get the 2nd one. Makes me really wanna try. If a dress costs $40 I think it's okay, but when it's a notebook I'd be thinking if it's really worth the RM100 : |  How stingy. 
3. Stylish Camera bag
I don't like carrying my camera (and lens) in an ordinary handbag because there isn't any extra protection and usually the bags are soft that everything inside the bag would easily be out of place and messy. At the same time I don't like carrying the ugly nikon camera bag around cuz it's very inconvenient to be carrying 2 bags. So I'm looking for a suitable ladies' camera bag to put my camera and look good at the same time. I found this bag in a website of Malaysia, it's very nice but slightly too small for me to fit everything in- but it'll still be good for me to carry it around while traveling and put only the most used lens in it. It costs RM260, but it has been out of stock for so many months that I don't think they're importing it anymore :(
4. MacBook Pro
Needless to say, it's the best computer for art/design students. My sister has one and I've been using hers whenever I need it. But afterall it's her computer, I couldn't install and put anything I want into it. I'm actually okay using my own computer, just that these days it keeps telling me that there's no more space so I couldn't install some softwares (like Lightroom) and sometimes couldn't edit my photos by using Photoshop cuz it says that the scratching disk is full. However the problems are still bearable so it's not urgent to get a new comp yet :) 
5. The Magic by Rhonda Byrne
I actually have read half the book in the bookstore yesterday, it's the new book of Rhonda Byrne- the author of the world-renowned The Secrets and The Power! It's just been released a few days ago! If you know me personally you'd know that I read a lot of self-enrichment books. I think it's because of the first self-improvement book I read when I was in primary school - Being a Happy Teenager from Andrew Matthew made a huge change of myself. I was a lot happier and open-minded after reading it. They really make me a better and happier person, or at least trying to be. They're a huge part of my life.

Posting about my wishlist makes me feel like I'm hinting people to buy them for me, but hey no,
I just think posting them here would make me to be more motivated to work harder (or save more money haha) to buy them for myself.
I've been spending quite a lot these days, mainly in art stores (for homework! all the art materials, tools and printing could cost a bomb),
shopping malls and restaurants. Everything in Singapore is so overpriced.
I feel guilty for wasting so much money when I couldn't earn much yet..
I'll get all of them by myself >:(
I won't allow what I want makes me forget what I have.

Quote of the week:
If you're not happy enough, you're not thankful enough.

6 Love notes:

  1. errr, who says you can't install lightroom in my macbook pro? =D

    1. noo i wanna install it inside my comp so i can use lightroom then photoshop etc...
      but when i'm installing it to disk D it showed that one of the disks doesn't have enough space for it to be installed :(
      but okay i'll install it to your comp instead hehe. but then hv to get the mac version of them..

  2. I make wish lists for myself ALL the time just so I can keep track of all the things I love :-)

    1. haha i dont make them.
      i just wish oh i wanna have this, oh i wanna have them,
      oh i wanna read this book, oh i should do this during my holidays,
      and then after a while i might just forget them :(
      i should always pen the thoughts and ideas down. haha

  3. u can buy a hard disk la~ then transfer things which u rarely use such as photos, movies, old files, so on so on into it to spare out some space in ur lappy's disks!

    haha.juz drop by..and hey! love ur blog!! =D

    1. heiyo!
      I do have a harddisk!
      My harddisk is 500gb big, so far it's enough for me,
      you know how big is my local disk C? 50gb!!
      ONLY 50gb to contain all the microsoft office n system softwares, photoshop etc :( I've transferred most of my things to my hard disk, yet it's still... T.T

      p/s: haha thanks for dropping by! thankyou!! :D



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