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March 18, 2012

Hi everyone! Just a quick post about my life these days before the overloaded school works eat up my life again. So assessment was finally over, the picture above was part of my works for assessment, you've probably already seen most of them in my facebook or Instagram. school'll officially start again two days later, I'm both nervous and excited. I'd tell you why later on. This week I've been going out a lot to get new materials for school. So many new things in my life lately.
1. My sis and I started attending yoga and latin dance classes. I've always talked, hoped, written and told people how many things I wish I could learn and try in my life! Say yay cuz finally I put them into actions, thanks to my sister, she signs up everything for us. haha. My sister is very active these days too, she just underwent a diving course and got herself a diving license, jogs more often than me (last time she never wanted to jog when we were back in Malaysia okay), does volunteer work nearly each weekend and so on. I'm happy I finally started doing yoga for the first time! But it can be quite tiring, really, traveling here and there for extra classes when you have enough school works to suck up all the time you have after school. But I constantly remind myself 'c'mon you're young! you'll never be able to do all these when you finally have extra time.' it's better to be very busy than overly free to me, it makes me feel good to be productive and doing meaningful things each day. it's the best to have a balance between they both though.

2. Officially a fan of salad! I had salad and only salad as a proper meal! I know i know, for some of you there's nothing big about this, right? Just that for the past 17 years staying at home in Malaysia I always needed rice or noodles or beehoon as proper meals, like most of the Asians. It felt a little weird at first not to have any Carbs but I loved this! After this I had salad at Secret Recipe as dinner too. How rare for me not to have any cakes in Secret Recipe. haha. It's kinda funny that I'm known as a healthy girl among my friends in Singapore because I don't like soda drinks, I love veggie, almost all of them including bitter gourd (thanks to the genes from my mom) and I sometimes jog. Inversely I was known as a unhealthy food lover among my childhood friends because I ate too much unhealthy food like cakes and chocolates and was very lazy to jog or whatever. haha. But good changes are good.

3. Stunning models, aren't they? Sadly I wasn't the photographer for this. But I'm very happy to be one of the people who were able to assist Richard for this shoot, though I wasn't really able to help much because of the lack of knowledge about lighting and all the equipment :( But it's still good to start knowing more people doing fashion photography, they're all nice people. I used to think it's impossible for me to watch or be a part of a fashion shoot crews. fyi I'm a kampung girl, I stayed in a very undeveloped small peaceful town. haha. So this is still new to me. I like to explore everything like a kampung girl, though. 

4. Look at this! Needles, unpicker, fabric scissors, sewing threads! Never thought I'd be buying things like this. Neither did I expect myself to be doing anything related to fashion. My dad is happy because finally I get to learn sewing, like it makes me a real lady. haha. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I've got some good sewing genes from my mom! 

I'm actually worried if I can really do this. Fashion is something so new to me. I used to be a T-shirt, boxers and flip flops kind of girl (still am actually, haha), and as I said, I'm from a small town, I didn't know anything about fashion, didn't know how big and influential it is out there. Neither did I care. I started to discover fashion photography only from my fav tv series - America's Next Top Model and slowly from the internet, but it never really existed in my life, it seemed to be something so unpractical to me. Eventually I realized the world's so so so big that I have so many things yet to discover. I slowly got myself something slightly more "trendy" or different because there's this unexplainable and powerful feeling when you're on them, or maybe when you're on your heels? have you ever felt that? Like you're on a whole new level? I guess that's one of the powerful impacts fashion could bring to a girl. It makes you feel more confident. For me, being confident is never easy, especially when it comes to appearance. It's quite ironic that I'm taking fashion, studying something about appearance, something superficial when the thing I hate the most about the world is how overrated appearance is these days. I hate how this makes girls cry because they think they aren't pretty enough. I cannot defy the importance of appearance these days, however I strongly agree that no one should ever be judged by something physical, or something they have no control over. At the same time I'm amazed by how clothes can make girls more confident, that's not really a bad thing for me, if it makes you more confident, why not? Another thing is I'm still a little afraid to be very different, I admire those girls in my school who can wear whatever they like without caring how the people on streets would look, stare or think about them. It's actually not easy, to be different. All in all I can't wait to try doing it but a little intimidated at the same time. This term will only last for 6 weeks! I need to constantly remind myself to do my best and just hold on for these 6 weeks. 

Wish me luck!

Lemme end this with what my sis and I cooked for dinner last night. You can easily tell that we aren't good cook. haha.
At least we try okay! 

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