Once a year, go someplace you've never been before.

March 22, 2012

This is a set of watercolour illustrations specially done for my project inspired by the poem - Destination by John Flanagan. The title itself has already reminded me about traveling, different places, different cultures, being away from home and so on. I'm very inspired by the quote from Dalai Lama,
 "Once a year, go someplace you've never been before".
 Thus I created a calender, hoping that it'll always remind the viewers to travel and visit
a new place at least once a year.

By the way, the illustration above was one of my very first watercolour illustrations I did last year, I think I was trying to follow one of Cate Parr's watercolour illustrations but apparently it didn't look like his at all. haha. This set of illustrations actually consists of both results that I'm proud of and not very happy with.
Anyway they're all a part of the journey. Here you go.

I'm not satisfied with these 2 illustrations :( If I had time I guess I'd have redone them before the assessment.
A3-sized yearly calendar
Some plannings, sketching, mind-mappings, experiments and visual references.
I also read about some stories about those countries/buildings so I could choose a suitable illustration 
to portray the mood.

Some people think I do so much watercolour illustrations because it's a must, but it is not. In Lasalle you're pretty much free to try any medium and ways you want. Among my classmates I'm one of the only few who did watercolour, some did acrylic paintings, some did digital imaging, some did pen drawing, Nerissa even did batik. Most of the time the lecturers only guide us, give suggestions and 'push' us to try, try, try, and try. They do not feed us and tell us what to do one step by another like secondary school anymore. We need to do a lot of researches and references from the internet, libraries, magazines in order to learn more. I like the fact that we're given the freedom to further explore on certain mediums that we're interested of! This set of illustrations is fine, but I believe I could have done better though. It's last minute work, as usual :(

p/s: I don't know why I always waste so much time on blogging! I always think "Oh let's just post the latest illustrations on your blog it'd be quick and you can do your homework later on!" and...? And I used up one and a half hour to edit the tone of the images, put them together, decide if it looks better with more space or not, horizontal or vertical, suddenly remember that I wanna show the pictures of my process, take pictures of them, put them together, edit the tone, adjust the size, and finally upload them, then use another half an hour to start typing, then another half an hour scrolling up and down reading the text and see if there's anything wrong, rearrange the images if I need etc etc. Oh boy.

On a side note,
I'm wondering if anyone will buy them if I try to sell 
the calender and my illustrations. Advice? Comments?
Will anyone actually support me :(

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  1. Wow!!!
    I will support you!
    I like this kind of calender (:

  2. very nice!!! really.. i hope to get 1 and hang in my room~~^^...

    1. really?!!
      thankyou huisze for the kind comment! :)

  3. Gambateh


  4. ME! We exchange la! HAHAH I was thinking of selling my macaroon painting!



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