Simply Strawberries

March 31, 2012

I really like the thought of me living a healthy lifestyle. Yoga classes, dancing lessons, having salad as meals, and of course more veggies and fruits! Let's forget about sleeping early everyday though. haha. But I'm a lazy girl so I tend to go for something really quick and simple, I wish I had the patience to prepare proper meals at home myself. And I'd always be happier if the fruits or food are photogenic. I spent a good 15 minutes to photograph these strawberries and milk before I finally sent them into my stomach :) Maybe I should be a food photographer! People eat to live, I live to eat.

School has been going pretty well. It's the first time I really looked at the details and designs of all the clothes. I never really thought about what kind of techniques people use to produce this kind of pattern on my clothes, or which type of materials designers use to design outfits for different occasions, or what kind of fabric and designs are in trend now etc. The list goes on and on. Now we're required to study and analyse the current trend based on the latest fashion shows in New York, Milan, Paris and London. You all know that I'm a small town girl? I never knew how big these things are out there, didn't even know its existence. Better late than never. Thank God I happen to quite enjoy learning about it! (although I'm still constantly trying to figure out what's the real point of having all these rapid fashion changes and trends that millions of girls in the world are chasing over.) 

You can see some of my very rough sketches and studies on some basic clothing designs above. As usual my favourite class is drawing class! Now it's the very basic lessons of fashion illustrations, which I'm absolutely in love with! Just check out all these lovely illustrations, aren't they beautiful? it's my wish to be able to develop my own style of drawing like them! It's very different from fine arts drawing and portraits though. Oh and our final assessment wouldn't be just as simple as the past few times where we just needed to show all our sketchbooks and assignments, this time we will be having a fashion runway show with models (our friends perhaps) wearing our final garments! Both scaring and exciting. I hope my work would be alright!

By the way, 
I've finally updated my "About" page! 
I was sick few days ago and still couldn't fall asleep though I'd been on my bed hours ago. My mind was wandering around and I started thinking some facts about myself. Suddenly I had the urge to type them out on my blog, thus the quick update! I'd update them whenever I think of some interesting facts about myself. Check them out if you wanna know slightly more about me :) 

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  1. great lighting and composition, the tones are great especially for weekend morning!



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