First day of the second semester

January 9, 2012

Holy moly. It's the first day of school after the semester break and we're told that we will need to design a complete typeface (from alphabet a-z) after 3 classes of 2D lessons. We're required to select 1 poem from the given list (about 10 poems in total) and design our own alphabets through transformation based on the moods/characters of the chosen poem.

And they expect us to do something like:

typography work of Pomme Chan

I'm absolutely clueless on how should I start on it. And I don't know how am I gonna finish it in such a short time when we're still gonna have homework for 3D, Illustrator, clay modeling and drawing all at the same time, which means, I must work harder i must work harder i must work harder i must work harder x100.

Hopefully the results would be something I'll be proud of.

4 Love notes:

  1. By working hard, you get to play hard~ all the best to you! ^^v

  2. O___O
    LA SALLE is really....aww!!!
    all the best dear!!
    give LA SALLE a very big thumb up!!
    grab my big fist and give you the big big support!!

  3. @kar

    ehehe thankyou (:
    hopefully my font wouldnt turn out funny!

  4. shooren wont. It'll turn out to be the best font ever. Hahaa.wait emm? dont feel stress about my words ar. When your inspiration come then settle. :D
    I feel you can think of like, pregnant lady ar..or something. Duno y i suddenly tot of twilight. Can it like reflected a movie or a theme on each word?like if you draw a pragnent lady you can involve the wolf ar or something. ouch. i think im crapping. anyhow HOPE my crap made you think of something.;p Wish you can do well well ^^



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