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January 7, 2012

I'm finally back to singapore after one month of having fun and being lazy. Before I came back my sister already said Friday night would be reserved for a welcome back dinner! (Yay food!) Well yes we always look for the smallest thing to celebrate so we'd have good food. haha.

Sister had lasagna while I had chicken victoria. ohh and a brownie with ice-cream! 
We then went shopping together. See what we bought!

Hahaha we bought 2 Japanese style bowls with our chinese zodiac signs on them. 
We think the ramen bowls are kinda cool to be used at home. no?

I spent RM20 to buy magazines to read on the way back to Singapore. And I used up 3 hours on the bus reading CLEO. wow. I don't buy magazines usually. I was just scared that I'd be bored. Didn't know that bus is actually so much more comfortable than a train cuz the seat is hugeeee and you can slide the seat back to sleep.

Loving the cover girl - Zooey Deschanel! Her eyes are so beautiful.
She's a song writer, singer and actress. But I think she's also very photogenic. or..different.
Hehe I like seeing beautiful girls more than good looking guys.

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